Loading Day-Z Trouble

hey people, i am currently struggling to load up day-z for the first time, i get to the same point then it stops
the picture is below
please help!

thanks in advance!

dat link is nice bro.

Next time try uploading your pic to an actual hoster.

can you see it or not? why be a **** and just help me or don’t reply…


Use gyazo to take a screenshot of the error.

Is dis guy srs? You linked the picture to your OWN harddrive. I told you that. Simple, isn’t it?
Also, comrade, I reply to whatever I want.

Captain, you need to use a different site because you cannot link to your harddrive directly. http://imgur.com/ – Go there and upload your .png there, then we can help.

You didn’t have to be a **** though lol.

He’s not being a ****, how can we help you if you didn’t even show us a picture? The link is the local image directory, meaning we can’t even see it. Go to imgur.com and upload the image. Then describe your problem better so we can help. We can’t help you if you don’t take the effort to help yourself…