Login App Windows

Hello, I cannot log into the app

Can you provide us with more info such as any errors that you are receiving?

allegedly my login details are wrong. I’ve already done everything logout / login and when I want to log in, the login data is incorrect. This can not be ?

Either your info is incorrect or something on your network such as a firewall is blocking WeMod from connecting to the authentication servers.

I’ve already done everything. Can `t log in. Now I have uninstalled wemod and delete everything wemod on C with the search. I will call back soon

I reinstalled it and when opening another user / account is that normal? See photo
Then I logged out and when I log in, my login details are wrong again ^^

Yes, that is normal, and can you upload a screenshot of the error?


Have you tried resetting your password?

yes because i tried to fix the error

@frank any ideas?

Make sure you’re pressing the red log out button in the WeMod settings.

Seen a few people on a guest account trying to register that guest account instead of logging out first and then into their actual account.
Link: How do I log in to my account? - WeMod Support

there is only one button for logging out otherwise I wouldn’t want to log in

I would like to use the trainer. I paid today and it starts well ^^