Lollipop Chainsaw Editor

Game Title: Lollipop Chainsaw

Game ID: 565707D0

Mods Wanted:

Coin Editor
Upgrade Unlocker
There is a online leaderboard so maybe it can be exploited like Dead Rising 2

Attach two saves extracted from the CON File, if you do not know how to do that just attach two CON files.

Lollipop Chainsaw Saves.rar

There is two saves in the rar. One is inside the Prolouge and one is in Stage 1.
Additional Comments (If the Game has Gold/Money or something similar, please included how much, make it a lot easier.)
There is a text file in each folder with stats included (Gold, Upgrades, Score , etc.)

Below is also a GPD just in case. :wink:


Try this.

It should have 2147483647 bronze and silver coins.

Thanks, but it corrupts the save :confused: It doesn’t appear corrupted on the Xbox but when it loads it’ll say error when loading it up…

That means that there’s a checksum. Hold on, I’ll see if I can get it.

Edit: Could I have the XEX?

Sent a PM.

i am still debating whether to get this or not…i am all about the Zombie killing, but for me this could be total greatness or a big fail

It’s pretty good. Just a metric crap ton of up skirt shots. The game literally tell you “Use RS to rotate the camera. But don’t be a perv and look up her skirt.” :I

the games fun xD also would look forward to a editor to make it even more fun xD

Open Me

That was my 666 Post :anguished:

Bzip2@4 start 8

CRC_32_BZIP2 - Covers &H8 to End - Saved at &H4.

How long do you think it will take to add mods?

i found this editor already for the game

[Release] Lollipop Chainsaw Editor

Softcore porn for the deprived gamer…

[details=Open Me]
Seeing as they have been removed by mediafire I have re uploaded the files.

i hope this mod can be added soon, my fiancee’s dad just got the game and i do all his game modding. it helps him look past the fact that i plow his daughter, and he would love me even more if i could do this game for him thanks.:thumbsup:

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