Look at my Kohl's receipt, I saved 99% Today

So I get these $10 promotional Kohl’s cards every now & then. Today I was able to score my kid a new Nerf football, and myself a nice leather wallet and a 3 in 1 tool set thingy. As you can see on my receipt, I only paid 52 cents out of pocket but saved $52.50. I saved over 99% when I walked out the door, I almost feel like a thief.

The title of this thread immediately made me think of a spam bot :stuck_out_tongue:

The other day I got 20 cans on spray paint for $23 dollars and it should have cost me over $100. I too felt like a thief.

dem deals doe

Yeah, you definitely saved a load! It seems as if every time I’m interested in getting something for myself or another there is a sale a week or two later which could have saved myself a few extra bucks. Obviously when giving a gift the price shouldn’t matter, but when that price tag is a good chunk of change it’s hard not to regret waiting a few more days/weeks.

…especially when you don’t make millions.

Thanks for sharing!

Nice little savings there…
Your shout mate!!

Only read the receipt first and was like “this dude still plays with toys…”

I actually do play with it since I’m the main person playing pass with him lol.

Yeah I didn’t realize there was a spawn of Steve Wonda until after actually reading your post

If this place is still alive in 4 years or so my spawn will be up on here, probably replacing me. He’s a wiz with computers and Xbox related stuff, it’s crazy. He teaches his teacher at school how to use the computers and smart boards and other kids at the bus stop rely on him for the latest Minecraft news and what not. I’m proud to be a father of an awesome 8 year old.

Shoutout to your spawn for being a boss

Never have I ever seen something like this. Are you a unicorn?

Thank you Raptor, you’re a boss as far as I’m concerned.

Unicorns are not real. My savings were.

I got another one of those $10 off cards in the mail today. I got a nice pair of cargo pants and 2 cool t shirts.

I got a £550 i5 laptop for £33 last year lol. Beat that.

I love when stores put your total savings at the bottom of the receipt. It makes me feel great and I don’t feel as bad for spending money :smiley: