Looking For Atheon on Normal!

Does anyone have the Atheon Checkpoint on Normal? Please respond.

Level 30 [FINALLY] warlock.

Head over to DestinyLFG.net and I’m sure you could easily get yourself a checkpoint.
Best of luck and congrats on hitting Lvl. 30!

Dude I know about LFG. What I do usually is, after a half hour of not finding anyone on there, I come here and post.

And thanks, it took over a month to finally get to 30. =)

Ah, some people don’t know of the site so I always try to spread word about it.

As for hitting Lvl. 30, I too achieved Lvl. 30 recently; came back from Flordia and was rewarded multiple pieces of Raid gear in which I needed to hit Lvl. 30 on my Hunters.