Looking for cheat testers!

Interested in testing cheats for WeMod?

Cheats are frequently broken when publishers release updates for their games. It is important that WeMod keeps on top of these updates to maintain the best experience possible for the community.

To know which cheats need to be fixed, a small team of testers update their games and test WeMod against the latest versions. The cheats that are broken are then forwarded to the cheat creators to fix.

With games being updated more frequently than ever before, we need a few dedicated people to help us test!

Basic requirements:

  • Familiarity with WeMod and how it works
  • A stable, fast internet connection to download games and their updates
  • A large hard drive to keep games on
  • Fluency in writing in English

If you are interested in being a part of this small cheat testing team, please fill out this form. We will reach out to you if you’re chosen to discuss availability, compensation, etc!