Looking for people to play Battlefield 3 (PC) with

just got it, never really played any BF games, i need help lel. picked it up for pretty cheap, might get bf4 but idk.
plus i can run the game on high-ultra and idk how well i could run bf4…

Just want some people to play with for this game on pc, I’d prefer it if you had a mic.

Reply with or pm me your Origin names so I can add you.

Ty :smiley:

Get cheats along with it. Its full of cheaters and not really fun if you don’t have some of your own. Actually, not fun at all even if you have cheats.

The single player campaign of bf3 is really awesome though so you will enjoy that.

If you have the division, i could play that with you.

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Add me to play!

I don’t have the division. Plus, my computer can’t handle it D: it looks like so much fun

@troy added

Edit: Didn’t see you were talking to STN. Sorry lol

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I want the Division, love it on Xbox but i need it to go on sale so i can get the gold version

G2A.com Was doing it for 50% last week. Not sure what it is now.