Lords Of The Fallen Not Working

Hi, when I start “Lords Of The Fallen” thru the “Infinity” app the first logo of the game comes up and then it gets complete black before the game shuts down. No warning no nothing, the game works fine without it and all my other games works fine with “Infinity”.
Please fix as fast as possible.

Sincerely Leffe

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Have you tried starting the trainer after the game has loaded singleplayer? Also are you using Infinity with the latest steam version of the game?

Hi, yes I did try to launch the trainer after i had started the game and the game shut down as before.
Yes i’m up to date with everything.

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Trainer was posted ~8 hours ago and the last game patch announcment on steam was ~2 years ago, so a recent update shouldn’t be an issue.

Try deleting %appdata%\Infinity\App\trainers and letting infinity redownload the trainer , might fix it but probably won’t.

Check the log and post it here so that @STiNGERR (the trainer dev) can take a look at it. Using Infinity Console

edit: Post the log in this thread, not in the one I linked.

I tried to delete with no progress unfortunately. Here is a picture of what my log looked like.

Do you have an antivirus that could be interfering? Not sure if its the trainer or something on your end.

I am having the exact same issue… game just closes… have tried the previous steps… running infinity as admin… have a legal version of lords of the fallen…

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Since all the other trainers work with no problem I guess it’s only for LOTF but I did a check on my antivirus anyway and came up with nothing.
I tried to reinstall “Infinity” but that did not work as well.
Could it be the actual LOTF trainer it self that is “broke” and need another check?

Ya reinstall but did u use the uninstaller on here to remove files ?

I don’t understand? @ptondo

There is an uninstaller on here here its called ivc v2 something like that
It worked for me for mad max and borderlands 2 couple days ago

It did not work.

same here when I load trainer game stops .? tried starting game and then running infinity still the same .all other games working great