Lost an account

sooo. this might be a long one. but i seem to have lost my account ive found the charge for my pro account on my bank statement, and logged into every email name and password i can try or use but i can not find which email or username it was linked through i have been through all my emails and none of them seem to have any email for a bill or subscription charge, can anyone help me. i had to clear my pc and fresh install so ive lost everything anyway

many thanks.

Hello! Sorry to hear about that, Unfortunately this is a matter that would need to be handled over our email support team.

Please email support@wemod.com with as much information possible to start the process of identifying your account.

assuming i could do this through any email address? and i mean the only thing i could give them is my personal bank details ie complete card details i would have used and date/time of purchase do you think this would be enough information?

That is something you need to discuss with them over the email.