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Infinity app is absolutely fantastic, I found it when searching for a trainer to use to get through Assassin’s Creed Origins a lot quicker, now I use it for almost every game I play, like GTA IV and Witcher 3. Its much easier than having to install trainers for each game as its easy to use and the interface is not only designed well but easy to navigate through. I’m looking forward to the updates to Infinity to make the cheat system easier and maybe more games being compatible


Hey WeMod staff!

I love WeMod because finally there is somebody (WeMod) who made cheating safe in single player games.

I have always loved to have that power to cheat in games, but I never wanted to download something from random websites, because who knows - maybe there is a hidden virus that will infect the PC.

When I found out about you guys, I just looked up on a webpage and understood that this is not a bullsh*t and same thoughts when I tried out the tool itself.

So far my favorite tool since I found it. Best thing is that it’s for free.

– Leftblu

Well, I don’t know if my reviews gonna be lengthy or sensical,

However, the black and white of it is simple, I love WeMod Infinity ever since I was introduced to it. It didn’t take long before I became a pro member, I’m into my 30’s so I don’t get enough time to run through the games as I did when I was a teenager. The process of looking for a trainer for the specific version of the game annoyed me to no length. However, since I got WeMod Infinity life has become much much easier.

For the lack of a better superlative, I’ll just say that it’s probably the best all in one software out there for gamers such as myself, I would also recommend going for the Pro Version, the remote on my cellphone just makes life much much more convenient, plus they deserve all the support they can get :slight_smile: Heres to many many more years of WeMod to come!! Cheers!!

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I really enjoy the Infinty app, because it makes cheating in games beginner friendly.
Additionaly it is easy to install/setup, it is even easier to find the games you want to cheat in and the general design is simplistic and good looking in my opinion.
I primarily use Infinity for minor cheating like infinite ammo or no reload, but if you wanna go all out with godmode, insta kill and all that kind off stuff you can.
Using Infinity in combination with Enter the Gungeon always ends up in chaotic and fun moments of total mayhem that make me crave for more.
Activating infinite blanks and just spamming the blank button so the enemies get knocked away is hilarious.
Infinity genuinely is the best cheating tool on the internet right now and the fact that it is free is crazy.
The devs and trainer makers are listening to the community for which games they should do a trainer next.
So if your favorite game doesn’t have a trainer yet, just vote for it on the website and when enough people do the game it will get a trainer fairly quickly.

The Infinity app is by far the most user-friendly app for modding.

Not only does it have a great UI, with only a button press you can activate a mod in your game. Thanks to the game detection the app already shows the available mods for your installed games.

With over 400 mods (and growing) already available, the Infinity app is a must have for anyone looking to mod their game.

WeMod has been my 1 stop shop for pc game cheats because of its user friendly interface and hassle free “mods” no other cheat programs comes close! :heart_eyes:

Constantly updated by an amazing community, virus-free, and it’s all free! What more would you want?


I started out using Horizon back when I was a kid. I usually only lurked on the forums and still do. I’m 20 now and I’ve been using Infinity for around 3 years. To see a community grow over all these years and the WeMod team continuously develop Infinity through community feedback is just the stuff of fairy tales with happy endings. It is a rare sight to see from any developer these days actually listen to their community and furthermore, continue development without forcing users to pay. That’s what I love about WeMod. That’s why I support Inifinty.

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To be honest I wasn’t really expecting so much from WeMod, I was so sick of Trainer Creators forcing us to go on a plan to use there trainers or worst trainers that aren’t even updated. The registration was easy, friendly staff and Creators, There discord is a blast, the best thing about this community is that all the trainers you wish for are in one app, there’s no need to download anymore trainers again!!! There always updated, friendly admin team to answer any questions you got. I give this whole website and app a 10/10 for user friendliness.


What do I like about the Infinity App? Everything. Everything about the Infinity Trainer is absolutely fantastic. There are over 400 games that have trainers on Infinity, and they are constantly adding more.
Why do I use it? Sometimes when you have played a game for so long, you want the game to have something more to it, and that’s why you normally download mods. Cheating is the same way, you cheat to have fun. Consecutively, with the infinity desktop app, all you have to do is launch the game you want to play, and then toggle the cheats on and off, nothing complex at all. If you want to try a few cheats to boost your experience, then this is by far the best choice for it.

10/10 cheating experience.

We don’t all have the same abilities, and Infinity makes it possible for me to have fun with games that would otherwise be spoiled by a difficulty curve that makes reaching the end impossible. I spend good money on games, and it’s nice to be able to enjoy those purchases as intended when the games themselves would deny me that. Any tools I need are in one neat bundle, easy to access and frequently updated, with more games all the time. Maybe one day games will be fun for all types by default instead of prioritizing competition, but until that day I hope WeMod and Infinity flourish. Cheers!

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As a person that has been around the mod scene for a very long time. I have come across a plethora of mod tools, (i.e. Modio, Vahalla, 360Haven, Le Fluffie, Cheat Engine, to name a few.) none are better developed, supported, and updated than WeMod. The community at WeMod is fantastic, competent staff and an overall great user base. Always welcoming beginners to the advanced modders to the community with open arms. With a library of 400+ games, and continuously expanding, there is a genre for nearly every gamer covered. Super simple to use with customizable hot keys or the ability to upgrade to Pro to use a mobile device to toggle your cheats. All in all WeMod, I believe, is where it’s at.


WeMod and Infinity are awesome. There’s a lot of paid trainers out there that sometimes cover some of the cheats that people look for. But along comes Infinity, which is completely free, and often has far more cheats than any of the paid trainers. Not only that, but they come out quick and are right on top of the new releases. Definitely the best place to go when you need help with a game.

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I use the Infinity app because it makes single-player games far more enjoyable for more casual (and less skilled) gamers like myself. It is extremely easy to use, and is the only tool I know of that incorporates so many different games, offering an all-in-one solution. The community is friendly, helpful, and there is a lot of support. Almost 70% of my entire game collection is supported by Infinity, so I need not look anywhere else!

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The app is a wonderful tool to use in games when you’ve finished the main campaign or feel like the game is too hard to unlock certain things, or you simply just want to have fun.
It handles well and overall features a large range of games to play. It is quite apparent however that some games push updates out faster than the creators can update them, which isn’t too much of an issue and it really cant be helped in the case.
Overall though I really enjoy it and it’s layout is super easy to use. There is lots of support and help in the discord and it is overall a friendly, supportive community.
I appreciate everything that everyone has done to make Infinity possible. ^-^

I’ve used trainers for a very long time. It was usually testing multiple trainers for viruses intensively and since I am left handed I have always had a very unfortunate time finding a trainer that used F1 keys. I can never use the ones that have numpad keybindings (which are almost 90% of the trainers I found). Then my trouble would be finding one I can active in game and then close hoping the cheats stayed active. I next tried Cheat Engine but was extremely time consuming.

WeMod has changed this for me amazingly. I am able to remap keys on the trainers. Trainers come out really quick. The App and website are very well organized. Keep up the great work!!! I plan on upgrading to Pro once I have more money. The phone app feature looks amazing. :heart: :heart: :heart: