Lower year price, just for pc

Hi, i love Wemod, but 50€ at year, is too expensive for me, i will pay 20 or such just for Wemod for pc, no other advantages like android, something like light pro.

Hello and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

We are not currently looking to lower the prices of a yearly Pro subscription.

Our Pro subscription is already as low as it can be in comparison to our biggest rivals.

Let’s break it down a bit:

  • At our current price, it is the equivalent of about $5 USD a month.
    Which is just enough to buy one WeMod developer a cup of coffee a month, and probably not even a good coffee.
  • Lowering it to $20 would be the equivalent of roughly $1.66 USD a month
    Which is probably not even enough for a doughnut a month, let alone a coffee.

The price of Pro has been carefully considered and analysed. It is already the cheapest it can possibly be while still being able to support and sustain WeMod’s development. :slight_smile:

You could consider the monthly option rather than the yearly option if you wish and if that would be better for you. :slight_smile:

ok, then free, thanks for your reply

people dont like working for minimum wages or for free. if they did, then the world economy would literally be completely different from what it is rn.
they put time and effort in providing us with these trainers so its only fair that they get paid for it.
if you cant accept that simple fact, than i guess the free version might be more suited to you.