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I have a Mac and this service seems very interesting. Support for Mac would broaden the amount of people able to use this service. As a Mac user myself, I would find it really amazing to mod my favorite games. Please take my message into consideration.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Creating cheats for Mac isn’t possible without all new trainers and a lot of work due to restrictions of memory editing in OSX. I also don’t think there are enough gamers running OSX for us to spend a lot of time looking into supporting OSX. According to Steam hardware survey less than 1.5% of users are running OSX.

You’re wrong. If there weren’t enough gamers on Mac then here would be no games made for he Mac platform. I’ve been gaming on Mac for over 10 years. While PC users often mock us, Mac users are not having to rebuild, replace, rebuild their systems nearly as often. It’s frustrating to get referred to something like WeMod and find there is zero support for Mac and that the rationale is “here aren’t enough gamers” using Mac. If you’re going to use that kind of rationale back it up with some data and not your opinion.

I didn’t say there weren’t enough OSX users to create games I said there weren’t enough for us to spend time trying to support the operating system. 96% of all users on Steam are running Windows and considering OSX just made it impossible to run 32 bit games that isn’t helping any.

That is because you have to replace the entire computer to upgrade… The majority of people playing games on a MAC are using a MacBook pro with 8gb or less of ram, intel integrated GPU(released in 2015), and a 1440x900 display.


But many users are using Mac in school to play for example Bloons. And I think that more that 50% of people who game and have a Mac to use in school play games in school

The answer is already above, by @Chris.

To add to his comments, Mac is not even designed as a gaming machine, as such it can generally probably only just run low-end games. The focus of Mac’s developers is on software optimisation, not hardware power - and modern games need the latter. You can easily search on Google for why Macs are not gaming machines.

Also, personally (as a former personal English tutor) I’d advise you to stop gaming in school, unless it is your goal to fail your exams and have very low-earning jobs throughout your life.