Mad Max Trainer add on

Things that would be cool to have added to the mad max trainer are

  • Infinite Griffa Points

  • No Car Damage

  • all Car Upgrades unlocked

I had a no car damage cheat but people complained it affected other cars on occasion so i removed it. It’s incredibly hard to differentiate between player and enemy cars and not really worth it as your car doesn’t blow up that easy.

Could you add infinite grifffa points and possibly all car upgrades and max upgrades unlocked

Could you possibly add infinite Griffa points at least?

huh, thought i answered that.

Back when this game was released and i was making this trainer, threat level/griffa points are all cheats that require hours to just acquire traveling long areas of map and i tried to make a cheat for them but they are encrypted values and searching requires a lot of time.

I simply don’t have that luxury anymore as there are ton of games that require a trainer( ) and i can’t play games freely anymore as one of my hand is broken (i type with one hand).

Besides, the cheats in the game are more than enough to make the game easy to play.

Wish I had more experience in making trainers to help you or rather the whole Wemod community/staff out in that part :wink:
How the hell did you break your arm? :wink:

I don’t know what the griffa points exactly are. Didn’t play the game long enough but I know with all the cheats available it makes it easy to get everything

Arm would have healed up by now, its my wrist - the scaphoid bone which heals extremely slow if at all. It has healed but i just had a cast removed after 3 months and now my hand is all stiff and painful. Takes a few months of physical therapy before i can use it properly.

The good thing i guess is my right hand (i am a lefty) has gotten pretty used to typing and doing chores i could only do with my left so typing doesn’t bother me and i can type pretty fast. But things requiring two hands - i am f*cked :smiley:

That doesn’t sound very pleasant… Hope you wíll get well soon!

The hard part is over (healing), now its just phsyiotherapy. But yeah, not fun at all