Madden 19 request for trainer

I currently do not see a trainer for madden 19 which comes out today for origin premiere member and would like to request a trainer. I dont know what the process is like to request a trainer not yet listed but would appreciate being pointed in the right direction

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Should be in there

yeah there isnt one there yet was wondering what i need to do to request for one to be place there so other member can vote on it

Non-steam games need to be added manually by staff so if it isn’t there, contact staff and just wait a bit. @Chris @Anyone this is the game they want added:

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Just voted for this hope it gets made thanks for bring it up @hbrito77

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THANKS Chris for adding the game

Okay so I was just trying to vote for Madden NFL 19 again and I ran into an error"This game is not supported by Wemod and cannot be voted for. this is due to the multiplayer nature of the game or technical aspects that make it impractical to mod." I simply don’t understand what the issue with is Madden 19 is, if FIFA who also has the same multiplayer features as madden 19 and is also on the origin platform has a trainer already available on WEMOD why is madden 19 not being supported by WEMOD?.

Were you attempting to vote for it from within WeMod 5? @hbrito77

Yes I was. I recieved that error on the wemod app but when i accessed the web version it went through just fine.

Ya its a little problem that is being looked onto should be fixed soon

Hope it gets voted to pass soon…