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Spoilers are now in this post! Please use a spoiler if you regard to something Campaign/Storyline related please.

With Gears 3 approaching soon I’m giving the thread a huge update. I will be hoping to Add Easter egg locations, Collectible locations, Campaign advice on things such as boss fight’s. Finally, Multilayer and Horde tactics.

Single Easter Eggs: By clicking this spoiler you agree that any spoilers found are not to be shared in the thread unless hidden in a spoiler with a message like this.

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None Yet!

Multiplayer Easter Eggs: Any Easter eggs in the multiplayer.

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The Dancing Wretch.

This is actually rather hide to type up i’m afraid so i’ll try and explain… “Private match Suggested” 1) On the map checkout pull the fire alarm anywhere on the map so it sounds the alarm. 2) In the electrical appliances section you will find a door that has slightly opened break the crate at the door to reveal a Fire Extinguisher you will need this. 3) You will now find a fire alarm on the map that will be on fire, use the extinguisher on it. 4) Shoot the little red hat that should appear near the fire that you extinguisher till it goes into a poof of smoke. 5) In the image the left window you should see something moving around, same again shoot it until goes poof into smoke. 6) Down near the checkout you should see a burning Truck, yet again, use the extinguisher. 7) Facing towards the truck go to your left towards the way out of the store that is blocked off. The double doors should trigger and a puff of smoke will happen and the Staff in the hands of a model thing should dissapear. 8 ) Back where you found the extinguisher you should now find a microwave looking thing on fire extinguisher it. 9) Once the microwave is done where you found the extinguisher should be a smoke cloud and now their is a wretch with the hat and staff dancing around. :smiley:[/details]

Multiplayer strategy: I will share all of my favourable strategy’s here on how I survive in Gears and my preferable ways to win a match type on different maps.

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General tactics: Stuff that can be used in almost any match.

[details=Open Me][/details]

Gridlock: [details=Open Me]In most game types of Gridlock you will usually find that in past gears games that most of the action is around the 3 main centre parts of the map where each of the weapons spawn. Gears 3 follows this common trend just as much. Holding down these points in any game mode can give huge advantages in a number of ways. Notice the middle point is a rather open area with some cars around in which you will find a spawn of grenades these are usually contested for a number of times in a number of game modes, be sure to take cover behind a car and have a small scan before going to retrieve the grenades as a good shooting player with a Sniper/Hammerburst can easily down you if they have a clear sight on this map. The spawn of the sniper is probably the main hotspot of the map with most games of Warzone and Execution decided here this spot has a very good view of the map and both spawns making assaulting the spot very hard. The grenades below are your best bet for trying to get people out. Have one team member at one set of stairs ready for retreating enemies while you go up the other side throwing your grenades and retro/Gnasher at the ready should they not die or flee a quick shot should be enough to down anyone who managed to survive the grenades.

Annex on this map is very easy for defenders as most of the points for capture have very few entry points making them easy to stop anyone from reaching the annex point. Blind your enemies with a smoke and retro charge them or try and get a boomshot/digger/grenade in an attempt to drive them from cover. The sniper on the map is also very effective at helping to pick off defenders of the point. Should you be defending be sure to check who has possession of the weapons on the map and try and stop your assaulters from getting access to explosive weapons that can easily break your defences. This map is rather good for wingman as most areas have 2 access points to each section meaning both you and your partner can cover yourselfs rather easily. Try and avoid moving into open areas of this map in wingman as you will gain alot of attention.[/details]



More to come…[/details]

Campaign boss help: By clicking this spoiler you agree that any spoilers found are not to be shared in the thread unless hidden in a spoiler with a message like this.

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Lambent Leviathan Fight: Once you can get your hands on the Silverback aim as much as you can at the eyes as this will make the job much faster. I suggest using the machine guns as the Missiles are rather slow and generally don’t hit. We wary of any Lambent that appear on the deck and will try to down you and get you off the Silverback.[/details]

Gears of War 3 Unlocks:


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COMET (Easier)
Earn the gold Shock Trooper medal (for earning a certain number of First Blood ribbons)

200 Wretch kills

Earn the bronze Master-At-Arms medal (100 kills with each of the starting 5 weapons)

Earn the Combat Engineer pin 100 times (worked on 5 fortifications in one deployment in Horde)

Earn the Hail Mary pin 100 times (Boomshot kill from over 200 yards away)

Earn the silver Aficionado medal (for playing a certain number of chapters in Arcade mode)

VAMPIRE (Harder)
Earn the Executioner pin 100 times (for having the most executions in a match)

Earn the silver Active Reloader medal (for actively reloading a certain number of times)

Complete the campaign in 4-player co-op

Earn the gold Horder medal (for playing a certain number of waves in Horde)

Earn the gold Investor medal (for repairing and upgrading a certain number of defenses in Horde)

Earn the silver King of COG medal (for earning a certain number of total points in Arcade)

Unlocked from the start

Earn the bronze medals for Tour of Duty (Finish Campaign on Casual), For the Horde (Finish Horde on Casual), I’m A Beast (Finish Beast on Casual) and Warmonger (Finish Arcade on Casual)

DLC related:

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DLC Characters

Bernie Mataki - Confirmed for 1st DLC in November
Onyx Guard - Confirmed for 1st DLC in November
Tai Kaliso
Ming Young Kim
Michael Barrick
Big Rig Dizzy

DLC Maps

Azura - Confirmed for 1st DLC in November
Rust Lung - Confirmed for 1st DLC in November
Blood Drive

Avatar Awards:

[details=Open Me]

Marcus’ Doo-Rag - Complete the campaign.

Horde T-Shirt - Survive the first 10 waves of Horde mode. (any difficulty, any map).

Locust Head - Survive all 12 waves of Beast mode. (any difficulty, any map). [/details]

In game Characters: (Not including DLC)

[details=Open Me]All characters needing a requirement for unlock will be stated with the unlock requirement.
Cog: Marcus, Dom, Cole, Baird, Anya, Cole Train(Beta Unlock), Cog Gear, Samantha, Dizzy!, Jace, Clay Carmine (Level 14), Classic Marcus (Silver Veteran Medal), Classic Dom (Level 17) Classic Cole (Level 23), Classic Baird (Level 30), Superstar Cole (Gold MVP Medal) Ben Carmine (Level 34) Unarmoured Marcus (Complete campaign) Civilian Anya (Level 30) Prescott (Silver Allfathers Medal) Hoffman (Level 50) Ant Carmine (Level 75) Golden Gear (Bronze Warfighter Medal)
Locust: Drone, Savage Drone, Grenadier Elite, Savage Grenadier, Myrrah, Miner, Beast Rider, Hunter, Theron, Savage Theron (12 Waves of beast mode), Spotter (Level 20) Flame Grenadier (Level 26), Kantus (Gold Medic Medal), Sniper, Bronze Headshot Medal, Grenadier (Level 39)Hunter Elite (Level 60), Gold Miner (Gold Rifleman Medal), Gold Hunter (Gold Master-at-Arms Medal)[/details]

New Revamped weapons section: :smiley: Will be adding images to most of these soon.

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Skin Prices:
Sets: 1 skin, all 5 weapons:
Static: 240 MSP
Animated: 320 MSP

Weapon Collection, 1 weapon all skins:
Lancer/Hammer/Retro/Shotguns: 1200 MS points

Launch Collection: All skins, all 5 starting weapons. (38% discount to separate purchase)
3600 MSP

Lancer Non Animated Skins:

[details=Open Me]

Arctic Camo



Deadly Cute

Desert Camo

Desert Digital





Gold Omen


Jungle Digital

Classic Omen

Team Insignia

Team Metal



Urban Digital

Animated Lancer Skins:
Work in progress

Weapon Unlocks:

[details=Open Me]
Crimson Omen Lancer*-12 + 2 XBL Gold Card Promotion
Crimson Omen Hammerburst
-Welcome to Beast (Survive all 12 waves of Beast mode)
Crimson Omen Retro Lancer
-Welcome to Horde (Survive the first 10 waves of Horde mode)
Crimson Omen Gnasher
-Welcome to Versus (Kill 10 enemies in Team Deathmatch)
Crimson Omen Sawed-Off
-*Welcome to Arcade (Complete 5 Arcade Campaign chapters in co-op)

Team Insignia Retro*-Bronze Veteran Medal (Play 100 Matches)
Team Insignia Lancer
-Silver Veteran Medal (Play 200 Matches)
Team Insignia Hammerburst
-Gold Veteran Medal (Play 300 Matches)
Team Insignia Shotgun Set
-*Onyx Veteran Medal (Play 400 Matches)

Flaming Hammerburst*-Unlocked if you played the beta between April 18th - April 24th.
Flaming Lancer
-Unlocked if you played the beta between April 25th - May 1st.
Flaming Retro Lancer
-No information at the moment…
Flaming Sawed-Off
-Unlocked if you played the beta between May 2nd - May 8th.
Flaming Gnasher
-*Unlocked if you played the beta between May 9th - May 15th.

Gold Lancer*-Play Gears 3 online between Sept. 20th and Sept. 27th or Download codes from Gears of War 2 (Carries over if you already have them).
Gold Hammerburst
-Play Gears 3 online between Sept. 20th and Sept. 27th or Download codes from Gears of War 2 (Carries over if you already have them).
Gold Retro Lancer
-Unlocked in beta (complete 90 matches and get 100 kills with the gold Retro Lancer) or can also be unlocked by getting Veteran Gear in Gears 2.
Gold Gnasher
-Unlocked by getting Veteran Gear in Gears 2 and playing in the first week of play in Gears of War 3.
Gold Sawed-Off
-*Unlocked via the Commando achievement in Gears of War 1 (Complete Gears of War 1 on Insane).

(NOTE - Veteran Gear Achievement in Gears 2 unlocks the gold skin for all five starting weapons)

Chrome Lancer*-In Gears 1, finish a ranked match with the highest amount of points.
Chrome Hammerburst
-Complete 10 waves of Horde, on any difficulty, on any map, in Gears 2.
Chrome Retro Lancer
-In Gears 1, complete 10 different co-op chapters as Dominic Santiago on any difficulty.
Chrome Gnasher
-Complete the campaigns of Gears of War 1, 2 and 3, on any difficulty.
Chrome Sawed-Off
–*Have at least one achievement from Gears of War PC.

Onyx Lancer*–Get 6000 kills with the Lancer in Gears 3.
Onyx Hammerburst
Get 6000 kills with the Hammerburst in Gears 3.
Onyx Retro Lancer
Get 6000 kills with the Retro Lancer in Gears 3.
Onyx Gnasher
Get 6000 kills with the Gnasher in Gears 3.
Onyx Sawed-Off
–*Get 6000 kills with the Sawed-Off in Gears 3.

Gold Omen (all 5 starting weapons)*-Reach level 100 in Gears of War 3.
Infected Omen (all 5 starting weapons)
-*Included with the Gears of War 3 Epic Edition, LE Console or LE Controller.

Liquid Metal Black (all 5 starting weapons)-*Included with the Gears of War 3 Season Pass.[/details] [/details]

Original Thread:

[details=Open Me]Firstly: These can only be unlocked Via the Beta when it was out.
-Flaming Hammerburst, Play 1st Week
-Flaming Lancer, Play 2nd Week
-Flaming Sawed-Off Shotgun, Play 3rd Week
-Flaming Gnasher Shotgun, Play 4th Week
-Gold-Plated Retro Lancer, Play 90 games and then kill 100 people with the gold Retro.
-Beta Tester Medal, Just play a match.
-Thrashball Cole, Play 50 Matches and the 10 Matches as Thrashball Cole

These could only be achieved in the Beta and so as far as I’m aware are now unachievable if you don’t have them already.

Secondly: Loyalty Bonuses: This will include, Previous Epic games and Pre-Order Bonus.
-Griffin, Like the Gears of War Facebook page to receive a code.
-Mechanic Baird, Pre-Order Exclusive
-Commando Dom, Pre-Order Exclusive
-Savage Kantus, Epic & Limited edition Pre-order Exclusive
-Savage Grenadier, Elite Epic & Limited edition Pre-order Exclusive

  • Gears of War 1 and 2 Achievements Such as having Rookie Gear will give you a Chrome Hammerburst I believe the Gears 1 Achievement A Dish Best Served Cold will give you RAAM like it did in Gears 2. (More on this when it is out.)
    -Adam Fenix, Limited and Epic Editions as DLC
    -Liquid Metal Skins, You get 1 skin for all starting weapons they are a “Gift” when you purchase the Gears of War 3 DLC season pass.
    –Infected Omen, (Epic Edition DLC, Console DLC and Gears 3 Controller DLC.) (A Omen that kinda glows and moves on the gun, looks quite cool.) This image shows the infected skin on a Lancer along with Adam Fenix in his CoG armour
  • Playing Gears of War PC will get you a Skin (Not sure on what it is yet, not in game files of what I can find.)
    -Gold Sawed off, Beat Gears 1 on insane and earn ‘‘Commando’’ achievement
    -Gold Gnasher, Play 1st Week of Gears 3 After its launch on the 20th
    -Golden Lancer and Hammerburst from Gears of War 2 will be passed over into the new game if you owned them. If you play Gears Of War 3 the week it comes out, you can also unlock the golden hammerburst and lancer.
    -With the Veteran Gear achievement from Gears of War 2 will earn an in-game Old Guard medal and callsign as well as gold varients of all 5 starting weapons. (Lancer, Retro, Sawn Off, Gnasher, Hammerburst)
    New Gears 3 golden Lancer

Finally: The items I’m not 100% sure on, Developer and MS Bonus’s and a few skins for in game challenges.
-Onyx weapon skins, for achieving the highest level on starter weapons you can unlock a skin called Onyx, I assume this will be either pitch black or have black with some kind of animation. Each onyx skin will require 6,000 kills with the weapon you want the skin for.
-Liquid Metal (Epic Employee Exclusive also available through Season Pass)
-Liquid Green (Microsoft Employee Exclusive)

[details=Open Me]

Credit of Lancer images is

I will update this thread when the game is released with a list of all unlocks and how to get them. (DLC and Pre-Order not in game such as Queen Myrrah)

Should you have any question not related to the story feel free to ask.

xCaLL Me Carboy has allowed me to add his thread into here.
-Chrome Lancer is unlocked by Gears 1′s “Don’t Hate the Player” (for scoring the highest in a Gears 1 MP match)
-Chrome Hammerburst is unlocked by Gears 2′s “Dirty Dirty Horde” for playing 10 waves in Horde.
-Chrome Retro Lancer is unlocked by “Domination” in Gears 1 by completing 10 chapters as Dom.
-Chrome Gnasher is unlocked by completing all three campaigns on any difficulty.
-Chrome Sawed Off is unlocked by having any achievement in Gears of War PC.
-Unlock the Onyx medal for a weapon (6000 kills) and get the relative skin for that weapon.
-Achieve Rank 100 in Gears of War 3 and you unlock the “Gold Omen” weapon skin set.[/details]

EDIT: nevermind

im kind of pumped for this, the skins on the guns look really cool, and it would be fun to try and unlock them, nice post

I did… That’s why you don’t have 8 lancers on the screen.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention those of you who have Shadow Complex will get an in game bonus too, I presume a weapon skin.

Infected Omen looks amazing glad im getting the console now cant wait for the game

whoa, some of the camo’s look sexy…

nice grave dig. to keep the forum from being cluttered please do not bump old posts

BTW i believe they canceled the bulletstorm skin due to problems

infected omen is not the gold one i believe it looks different because the gold one you have to reach level 100. I might be wrong though.

looks cool!! :smile:

I lost my Gears3 Beta when I had to buy a new 360 :anguished: so I lost everything that I unlocked!

I do have Griffin, but that’s about all I have :smile:

Anyway of getting my BETA stuff back without hacking/modding ?

Worse to happen is to mod/hack to get BETA stuff back, only to realise that you are banned from playing Gears 3(apparently they are serious about his stuff! One news report has stated that they will ban people who tell you the ending of the game, i.e. What happens to the last remaining Carmine brother…)

blah blah blah… sorry for babbling haha :smile:

-has all achievable unlocks from the beta- But the Infected Omen looks awesome! I want a Lambent Lancer! >.<

Added Carboy’s thread. Will be updating some more data as their is more than 1 way to get your hands on some of these weapon skins now.


Yeah sorry people Bulletstorm and such won’t give a bonus.
A while ago, we talked about a cool Gears of War 3 feature that would include themed unlocks for players who had enjoyed previous Epic Games releases. Unfortunately, we will not be getting that cool Bulletstorm or Shadow Complex gun, as apparently the plans have changed.

According to lead gameplay programmer Joe Graf, there are restrictions that block Xbox 360 games from reading data outside of your own “publisher/developer family.” This means that Gears of War, a Microsoft Games Studios title, can’t access titles like Bulletstorm, which Electronic Arts is publishing.

It’s a real shame, as I think connectivity between related titles is always a cool feature. You’ll still get unlocks from previous Gears titles, and from the beta, but you’ll have to make do without the rest of it, sadly.

Added some details on the Liquid Season Pass weapons and the Onyx weapons.
Should be expecting alot more soon as the game is approaching now and a Jtag rip should be out soon enough. (Note: All campaign item unlocks will simply be referred to as “You have to get so far into the campaign to use this.” to avoid story leaks and spoilers in the thread.)

Great thread just by looking at all these makes me wish the game was out already

the infected omen doesnt look gold it looks yellow and im sure the level100 gun wont get leaked or they wont show you it due to it being the rarest gun to get

@OP be sure to check the gears of war forum (not advertising), idk if they have some you dont but that would be the best place to get some more information

Nice thread BTW

After around 10 seconds worth of though I have decided to change my thread a little, you will now find the unlocks has it’s own sub section. With Gears 3 approaching soon I’m giving the thread a huge update. I will be hoping to Add Easter egg locations, Collectible locations, Campaign advice on things such as boss fight’s. Finally, Multilayer and Horde tactics.

I hope you all enjoy it when it’s done, expect larger update just before Gears is officially released, and after about a week of release I should add a rather large portion of strategy and hopefully some Easter eggs and a bunch more collectibles. Horde will probably one of the last things I come around to giving a large update but bare with me, it’s going to be one hell of a game and I will lose track of this a little from enjoying it so much feel free to send me a message or post asking for anything specific map and game type strategy and I’ll see what I can do.

See you all on the battlefield on the other side of my lancer!

Nice youve even taken some of my ideas im glad to help you lol nice to know they brang the CoG tags back

Great update it’s good to see you edited it to help others with more then just the unlocks