Mafia III (Definitive Edition) Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Mafia III
This is the official discussion topic of the Mafia III Trainer and Cheats in the WeMod app. Please post any suggestions, bug reports, or praise that you may have for the cheats in here!

Download Trainer

Download the trainer or find it in the WeMod app.

Trainer Options and Cheats:

1. God Mode
2. Unlimited Stamina
3. Undetected
4. Set Wallet Money
5. Set Stash Money
6. Set TL-49 Fuse
7. Unlimited Explosives
8. No Recoil
9. No Reload
10. Perfect Accuracy
11. Unlimited Ammo
12. Unlimited Cars Health

Important Notes:

Click here to view important information about these cheats.

Launch the game through Steam then alt-tab and click play after the you are past the launcher.


Trainer Video:

Supported Game Versions:

We strive to keep our trainers up to date with the latest game versions. WeMod automatically detects which version you have installed and activates the mods accordingly. So there’s no need to worry about which version of the game you have!

Updates and Changes:

  • 05/25/2020
    Started development

  • 05/25/2020
    Released trainer with 12 cheats

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The Mafia III cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 12 cheats

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

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I have tried running this a couple of times & it says I`m using the 32 bit version of the game, after a complete re-install of the game it still says the same.
Having checked the file folders, the files do say they are 64 Bit.
Any suggestions to overcome this would be greatly welcomed.
Thanks in advance


After you receive that popup, click okay and then press play in WeMod once you’re at the main menu of the game :slight_smile:


Okies I`ll give it a shot thanks :slight_smile:

I’ve had some trouble destroying barrels, and many ingame objects become indestructible while god mode and unlimited cars health is on, not sure which is the source. Can be a problem when trying to drive thru an immovable gate lol. Is there a fix to make it so I can keep them on and the environment remains destructible?

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I experienced this when playing another Mafia game. I believe it was linked to the car damage cheats. I had to turn the cheat off if I needed to drive through a gate for certain missions.

It seems the game developers have coded the gates in the Mafia games to a type of car instead of a destructible object, for some reason. I think the same thing applied to destructible fences too.
If it’s a game-engine related thing then there’s nothing much WeMod can do, since trainers can’t actually alter the game. However, you should be fine if you deactivate the car health cheats before smashing into gates.

Heh, im having the same problem as well

Hi, wemod says i have 32-bit when i have 64-bit, i have the definitive version and i selected the according trainer, help would be very much appreciated.

Hello @Joe_On_The_Spot. :slight_smile:

This means you need to change the order that you launch things.
See here: 32 bit and 64 bit. :slight_smile:

Thank you

So was using this trainer and found that when I was doing the first lot of missions in The Hollow Cassandra had the max earn after I did the Nightclub but I cant get it to replicate with either Vito or Burke, would be interested to know if anybody else had this and if so how did it happen with the other two underbosses?

I’m having real trouble with this trainer. I got around one problem but as of today if I try to use the infinite health cheat the game freezes completely the moment I get hurt. I not sure what’s happened with it since the trainer worked fine(ish) until today.

The unlimited car health cheat makes the vehicle solid and won’t destroy anything it hits. Making some of the missions near impossible to finish

Hey @xensor12. :slight_smile:

This has been mentioned before. The same thing also occurs in Mafia II.

The issue here isn’t with WeMod, it’s with the game. The game’s developers have, for some bizarre reason, coded things like gates, fences and other destructibles in the game as a vehicle. This means vehicle cheats will affect these destructible items.

Simply turn the car health cheat off when you need to drive through a gate or whatever, then turn it back on again. Little things like this are what we dirty cheaters need to deal with from time to time, devs don’t consider cheaters when they develop the game.

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I tried to use this trainer just this week, and when I enable a few things such as infinite health, stamina, or even unlimited cars health, they would randomly deactivate. I used the one prior to this and it worked just fine, but I came back after a month, the trainers became different, and now this happens. What do I do?

To all staff involved at WeMod:-) Thank you for the updated Mafia III definitive edition Trainer I was so glad to see this Trainer as I have played over 500 hours on this game I love it such a great story but this Trainer puts the CREAM on the cake Thank you WeMod.

Game just quit every time i want use the god and stamina.

Hello WeModders! I love this trainer and everything for Mafia 3. Trainer works perfectly! Just wondering if you guys do requests for an added feature to an already existing trainer; this one for Mafia 3; I was wondering if it is possible for you to add teleportation please? It would make getting to places much quicker.

@TheRandomHero80 Yes, this happened to me too. After doing the missions to get the two rackets in Delray Hollow, but before killing Ritchie Doucet, my earn with one of the rackets in Delray Hollow (Perla’s I think) was set to exactly “100000000/50000” instead of somewhere around “30000/50000” giving me all the perks for Cassandra early. Look, I’m not complaining or anything, but I just want to do that again for Vito and Burke.

@Joe_On_The_Spot This happened to me when I changed “Disable Launcher” to “Off” instead of “On.” I think if you set that setting to on it might fix the issue. It seems to identify the launcher as a 32-bit process and cancel even though the game itself comes after and is in fact 64-bit.

I’d like to request a feature to increase Racket Earn with underbosses to unlock all perks for all three underbosses in the same save game. Currently the player has a choice of keeping all underbosses and getting all but the last two perks in each (assuming the player finishes the game) or betray one or two underbosses to get a few perks at the cost of many. (Here’s a link for the devs if this might help, I’m not sure: )

[Technically you can get all except four perks total by keeping all underbosses and assigning districts evenly except the last district, and just give one racket to one underboss and one to another, but never assign the district. For example, getting 3.5 districts for Vito and Cassandra, but only 2 districts for Burke.] Sorry. Off-topic, but I thought it may be useful for some players.

Additional note:
I’d like to point out that I’ve been accidentally using the trainer for “Mafia III” instead of “Mafia III: Definitive Edition” but I haven’t had any problems with getting anything to work other than the somewhat comical indestructible objects when using the car health cheat. It seems strange that there even would be a version for the steam game that’s not Definitive Edition because that version of that game phases out the previous one, making it impossible to install or play Mafia III on Steam without it being the Definitive Edition. If it was through some other market it might make sense, but it says Steam right on it.

Sorry, I wasn’t trying to spam, I was just trying to comment on multiple separate subjects about the trainer and I don’t know how to use the commenting tools people usually use in forums to reply to a specific person, or anything else.

About the Car Health thing, if the person who made this trainer could do a “Fix Current Car” (enable only) cheat instead of a toggle “Unlimited Car Health” cheat, that could make it more convenient. I don’t know if it’s possible, but it might be worth looking into.

For some reason setting the fuses to the maximum value changes it so it stays the same number when collecting fuses or using fuses to wiretap an area. Not really a bad thing though, just strange.

Thank you WeMod and @MrAntiFun for this amazing trainer and many others. I use WeMod a lot and it works wonderfully.