[Major bug?]: How to stop Wemod overlay from starting?

It starts up every time the computer starts up. When forced (end task) it boots right back up again. Of course, any games that checks for it won’t start.

No the actual Wemod app is not started up at all.

This only started happening after the newest wemod update.

This really seems like a really really bad bug that needs to be fixed.

WeMod does not start the overlay, that would be something with Windows. Make sure you close it from the gamebar, don’t just end the task in task manager as that doesn’t close it.

Ah ok. How do prevent it from starting up when windows start? There is no uninstaller for it on Windows 11… (I’m referencing this post: Wemod overlay still starting up even after uninstall - #2 by AussiePixelBit ).

Ok, for anyone looking to uninstall that software, due to the software missing the most basic thing out there… an uninstaller… there is 2 ways in Windows 11.

  1. Remove the xbox game bar completely from the system.

A. Open a new PowerShell window as administrator.
B. Then copy and paste the following command. Get-AppxPackage Microsoft. XboxGamingOverlay | Remove-AppxPackage
C. Restart your PC after running the command.

But if you use the above for other things…

  1. Remove the actual wemod overlay files forcibly from the system.

Files to delete are listed at the bottom of this page: What is WeMod.Overlay.exe ? WeMod.Overlay.exe info

Either of the above will work until the webmod developers actually create an uninstaller… which is severely needed the sheer amount of games out there that checks for the wemod overlay.

You don’t need to do either of those to uninstall the overlay. You can either uninstall it from add or remove programs, or from the gamebar directly.

Unfortunately, in Windows 11, wemod overlay is not under “add or remove programs”. Also, there is no way to remove it from the gamebar directly.