Manually add games to the installed list

a way to add a game to your installed list would be nice, i have a few games installed, which work just fine with a trainer from the wemod program i installed, but they show up in the not installed section… so some way to manually add the game to the installed list would be nice.

first request, so please dont hate if it has been requested before.

@frank seems like a bug?

maybe it is… all i know is it detects some games, but cannot find a trainer version that works, and therefore says its just not installed… i would like the option to be the judge of whether or not its installed… then it can be labeled after that, whether it has a working trainer or not…

All games I have that have a Trainer are shown to me under installed no matter if they have a trainer for the version I have or not

then it sounds like a bug… but would still be nice to have the option of adding a game to installed, even if the program cannot see it is installed… have the same problem with ETS2… got it installed, the program knows where it is, but it stays under not installed…

Not sure how it can be fixed if like one person only has a problem
I know all my installed games are shown and not installed are also shown too

I have this issue too. Out of 136 games, about 6 don’t show up as installed. I notice this thread was added a couple of months ago. Hopefully now we can manually add games?

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If you click fix it should allow you to find the directory for the installed game. Alternatively, if it says play, clicking the down arrow and either adding the custom installation path or dragging and dropping the EXE into the designated box :slight_smile:

That worked like a charm. Than you very much!

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Glad it helped! :slight_smile: Have a great one!

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Closed as problem was solved :slight_smile: