Marvels Avengers trainer

How come you dont support marvel avengers trainer, but FLiNG’s wesbite supports it? just wondering…the game is on xbox game pass but dont want to get it if his trainer isnt supported, this is the only trainer app i see and trust and i dont want to download anything bad and im a PRO member as well. Only reason im asking is because i see guardians of the galaxy trainer but dont see avengers thought that was weird.


Marvel Avengers is not supported due to the game’s TOS and microtransactions. Any trainer produced by fling should be safe to use. Trainer he created before joining WeMod aren’t in WeMod unless the game trainer required an update and he decided to port it at the same time.


Thank you for replying. I was just about to post about this. I love WeMod so I just wanted it all in one place but good to know.

Thanks again. :pray:

They no longer have the TOS and there is no micro transactions anymore. Can we please get the Trainer back…

I know at least 30 people That would love to have this back.

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The game is no longer popular enough to warrant a trainer be added.

How many people would it take to make it worth it again?

What if I donated some money but that helped at all?

We do not accept donations for trainers. The game has less than 500 people playing on Steam and averages around 100 concurrent players. Realistically I don’t see it ever being popular enough to receive a trainer.

I play on PC there are quiet a few on there

Not sure this will change people’s minds but it has increaed a bit since the game will be delisted on September the 30th.