Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Cheats and Trainer for Steam

the Max Challenge Score does not work with Screwball Challenges

Is there anyway you can make it so we 100% the game with landmarks and things like that? Or can you not edit saves.

there is one bug i came in contact with this trainer and the game.

while i was going around doing all the research labs on of them crashed my game when i had cheats enabled. Itested with the cheats on, the trainer on but not cheats, then with out the trainer and it crashed the first two times and worked fine without the trainer on. But the weird thing is hat if you start and then turn on the trainer it does not crash the game

I think it was one of the research labs on the upper west side

It might sound odd, but what could be useful is being able to DECREASE your damage. I’m only saying this because as you level up, the game increases your damage by percentage, so it’s actually pretty hard to complete the challenges of things like crimes like the combo multiplier, even if I do it perfectly, sometimes it only takes 1 or 2 punches to take out a guy, and it’s impossible to get the combo multiplier high enough.

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Hello! Just wondering if anyone else experiencing this but whenever I use the trainer, for some reason, the voice over audio disappears but everything else (music, special effects audio) are working just fine. But when im not using the trainer, the voice over works. Any ideas? Suggestions on next steps? Thank you for your hard work and everyone else’s input on this!

Try launching the game through Steam, then click play once the game has loaded. I didn’t experience this issue when using the trainer.


Ooh will do! That worked haha thank you :smiley:

Would it be possible to create a start crime cheat? Like one where when activated a crime will show up in the current district your in. If thats possible it would be awesome for 100% completion. Thanks.

can we have teleport plsssssss

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Many thanks though the only issue i have is the max challenge doesn’t fully work, so everything works for the base game but the DLCs have some issues like the “skrewball challenges” in the first DLC for example, max challenge doesnt work just right. this is as far as iv made it but honestly aside from this little thing outstanding job and with amazing haste!


thank youuuuuuuuuuu

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thanks so much for the cheats

is there talk of updating the max challenge cheat for the DLC’s? as always i love and appriciate the hard work done on these!


the cheats make the game crash ever few mints

for me the cheat works fine as far as i can tell

I use

  • Ignore hit
  • Unlimited gadgets
  • stealth
  • Unlimited challenge timer(as soon as the challenge starts)

Haven’t had crashes or anything

I haven’t crashed either but for some odd reason there seems to be a red laser coming down from the sky blinding me constantly.

The token cheats don’t seem to work

Do you have at least 1 of each?

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max challenge score doesn’t work on the DLC is the only thing that does not work is the EMP side missions


The max score doesnt work at all, can you please fix it

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