Marvel's Spider-Man Remastered Cheats and Trainer for Steam

[* Max Challenge Score] doesn’t work in DLC challenge


Game keeps crashing with the trainer on

one thing to add is that you should have a warning to avoid getting hit by train with inf health/god mode because it soft locks the game and you need to shut down the game fully and restart it.

turning both off and getting run over does not fix it

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Came here to see if anyone else was also having this problem

Game got an Update.
It was pretty big.
That’s what she said.

cheats seem to be working just fine from what i’ve been playing. just wish we could get a mod for the dlc stuff…like turn off motion sensors

Exact same problem I came here to post about.


So the Max Challenge Score cheat only works in the Screwball Bomb Challenges in the third DLC, but not in any of the others. Are there any plans to fix this?


If someone wants to provide a game save with the event unlocked and not completed, I’m sure fling can look into fixing it.

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i want, please

Screwball save

Save that starts at the screwball challenge I am struggling with most.

The Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements
  1. Max Challange Score

This one didn’t work on Screwball Challenges, can you make it for the Screwball Challenges as well

You need to provide a save. He updated the trainer yesterday to address the one posted above.

Is anyone else having controller input lag while using an Xbox controller? Anyone know if its WeMod causing this or just the game?

I can safely say I had no input lag playing on my xbox controller with or without WeMod running. It could be your controller or your PC maybe, I’m not certain but I can definitely say my 40+ hours of experience suggest it has nothing to do with WeMod.

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With current Steam patch (v1.919.0.0), I used these with no issues:
God Mode/Ignore Hits
Unlimited Health
Unlimited Focus
Unlimited Gadgets Ammo

Unlimited Scan Duration

Easy Complete Benchmark Challenges
Freeze Challenge Timer (Might have to turn off to have challenge complete)
Max Challenge Score (Have to hit it after the countdown starts or challenge starts)

Oh, and I’ve been using a wireless Xbox controller (the Xbox One version for Windows) via the dongle the entire time I played it and I’m not getting input lag.