Mass Effect: Andromeda Cheats and Trainer for Steam

Would be nice.

@STiNGERR Are there any updates planned for this trainer in the near future?


Can you please update all the mods to work correctly.

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free crafting kinda doesn’t work. looks like you need to have the materials even if the wemod set the requirements to 0

please update all the mods, especially unlimited skill points. every time i restart the game, my upgraded skills always back to normal. hit this back please

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The unlimited health doesnt work, the unlimited shield only semi works, it takes damage still after a few seconds and can kill you but if you leave combat it regens back almost instantly. Could we please get an update :smiley:


Idk the player pop or how much notice this game gets but hey in-app just put notify me on and up to us users that want to help support it grab a pro member and boost it i think? anyways yes feedback will def be unl-health and unl-shields is not compatible or not working, but it’s all goods though there’s other ways to make one self immortal Cheat Engine :+1: after understanding how to use and get tutorial done try it out on this game and about a few mins or so presto unlimited health and shields along with exploits if there’s one for being immortal???

Level up option doesn’t work either.

can we please have a update for this trainer

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Desperately in need of an update. Most of the options don’t work (health, shields, & life support to name a few) and those that do work are sometimes sporadic.

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Regarding the level up button, it seems to work by maxing out your XP
and works once you gain exp points. try it out. i noticed i had to keep
pressing the button after every kill.

Would be good for an update to this trainer :slight_smile:

What needs to be updated? Everything seems to be working fine for the testers.

Cheat add level doesn’t work please fix soon

Life support for character and vehicle isn’t working properly.
For Character, it goes to zero and informs that it’s depleted.
When it’s applied to the vehicle screen goes black when in the vehicle.

EDIT: Unlimited Health causes the game to freeze.

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Hi! when you use the god-mode it causes black screen in the vehicle as well as the unlimited shield.

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Hey i was wondering how the level up cheat works? It seems like the only way it works is if i press it then manual save then reload the save. Its only works one level at a time so from level 1 until 30 i would have to repeat this process 29 times?

Also another thing crafting items doesnt seem to work 100% of the time. Like i just crafted armor but its not in my inventory

Do you have any intentions of updating the mods/cheats btw? I know its an old game

This is a great trainer but I was wanting to let you know that when you activate the cheats on the
steam version for unlimited skill points it will reset every time you play the game and you have to
go in every time you want to play and add your skill points because it just resets every time. Can
this be fixed for all versions?

Id really appreciate this,
thank you