**Mass Effect Legendary Edition fail to start Steam**

Anyone else having this issue?

Pre-loaded ME Legendary May 13th from Steam. Tried play via Steam this morning, May 17th. Screen blanks and returns to Origin/Steam launch screen. Ran Update Game. No launch. Ran Repair. No launch. Hard reboot PC. Still no launch. uninstall/reinstall, nothing is allowing game to launch. No error messages to report. Any solution for this failure to launch? thinking about getting refund to be honest and it kind of upsets me because I was really looking forward to playing the rest of the games I already finished ME1.

See video in link

Hello there!

A quick Google search shows that this is a reported issue for many people with this game on PC as well as Xbox One.

On PC, make sure your GPU is up to date.

Most issues on the Xbox version are related to using a headset (strangely enough). Just in case that’s the same issue on the PC version, try unplugging or disconnecting any headsets before launching the game, until you have reached the game’s title screen.

In the meantime, I think all we can do is wait for the developers to release a patch for those having issues. Click here for a related article.