Mass Effect

Hello Wemod Community.
i was thinking about the new game Mass Effect™ Legendary Edition. (steam version)
does the existing cheats for Mass Effect games that wemod have all ready will they work on this new game or will it be a update for it on relies date?. i look forward to try it out and hope you all will to.

They’ve drastically changed Mass Effect for the legendary edition (especially the first one). So doubtful the old mass effect trainers would work on it. We’d have to wait for the wemod staff to develop a new one for this new game, so to speak.

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oh i see, thanks for the replay… well i guess we just have to wait and see then. i hope their will be many off you guys to play the game when it comes?

I do love the mass effect games. I’ll play it once it’s released for sure! See ya in-game!

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