MC:LA Modding for XB1 Backwards Compatibility?

Wow, I haven’t been active on xboxmb since like 2012…

ANYWAYS, Midnight Club: Los Angeles came out today for Backwards Compatibility. I’m curious if I were to use the old editors, along with Horizon, and scrounge either here, The Tech Game, Se7ensins, etc for pre-made saves… is it possible to have my Xbox read a USB drive properly to load up the modded XB360 save? I also cannot access the Cloud on my XB1 to transfer saves or anything…

trying to make this work in the easiest way possible. If anyone can also link me to XB360 modding on XB1 that would be cool… I’m sure I’m not the first.

Thanks all!

Any modding needs to be done with a xbox 360.

Yepp and the only way i know is with the cloud and yours dont work for some reason ?