Mega Gamer Picture Packs


Gamer Picture Packs


Call Of Duty Pack

Open Me

Includes gamer pictures from all the call of duty games

Duke Nukem Pack

Open Me

Includes pictures from all the Duke games

Gears Of War Pack

Open Me

Includes Pictures from all the games

Halo Series Pack

Open Me

Pictures from all of the series.

Red Dead Pack

Open Me

All pictures from “Red Dead Redemption”.

X360 Register Pack

Open Me

Gamer pictures from the Xbox360 Registration

Sports Pack

Open Me

Gamer pictures from all major sports

MLG Mega Pack

Open Me

All Major League Gaming pictures

Naruto Pack

Open Me

All the Naruto Gamerpics

X360 Community Pack

Open Me

Xbox360 Community Gamer pictures

These are some gamer picture packs I have put together. Their is a lot of variation so i am sure their is something for everyone. Hope you like these as I think they are all good. Have fun and enjoy. I will try to update this thread as often as I can.

It would have been better if you post a screenshot in the spoilers instead of a description because the title of the game says what Gamer pictures there are.

very nice i am going to have to download some when i get home

Or you could download the packs and find out for yourself. Each pack has all gamer pictures I could find for that specific game or thing.

Gah, I wish I could find the Gears of War 1 special edition pictures. :anguished:

Here you go

I think that’s the right one. They are from the Bonus Disc.

Post them here.

Cody will update his thread.


Post here:


Post in that thread and cccodyyyy will update. Having to of these will just make it harder for people to find what they are looking for. If you feel this should be re-opened and have a valid reason why, contact me via PM or AIM.

But for now, Closed.

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