I am going to MEPS today and tomorrow. Super nervous. I won’t be active again till Sunday. I am going to the MEPS center in Syracuse, New York. Anyone have any experience in MEPS?

what are you talking about?

MEPS is where you go after meeting with a recruiter and going through all the information to be enlisted. I will be enlisted in the National Guard on Friday! Taking my ASVAB today!

that makes sense. thanks and good luck d00d

Say hey to my hometown for me (’:

Good luck though

Only tip I can give you is clean out you’re ears they disqualified a guy just because of dirty ears. Also don’t be an idiot say no if they ask if I’ve done drugs had another idiot admit there and he got disqualified if you’ve been clean for two weeks you’re fine. Also if it ain’t broken currently say no to broken bones and dislocated shoulders for me I didn’t have anything in my medical records but I told them I had gotten a dislocated shoulder and had to go back up to meps 3 times to show them a stupid waiver. One more thing don’t joke around with the doctor this kid got disqualified cause he was getting his ass checked like everyone does and told the doctor “why don’t you buy me dinner first” lmao.

Just say no to anything that could disqualify you. We were drawing down and becoming a garrison force again before all this ISIS crap blew up so I can’t really predict how strict they will be with yalls health standards. Also, have fun letting the doctor check your ********, that was awesome.

Oh, and good luck having some old guy check your balls, and being in a room with other half naked guys.