Metro Exodus Cheats

Hi, I saw that in WeMod there are tricks for the basic Metro Exodus game. Now I have the Metro Exodus Gold Edition game, I would like to know, will the tricks also work for this version of the game? Thank you…

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The best way to know the answer to this is to try the trainer for yourself. If the trainer cannot locate your game and is showing a “fix” button, press this button and manually like the game’s .exe to WeMod. Note the shortcut on your desktop is not the .exe, it’s the launcher.
Or take a look at the trainer’s official discussion between its players, by clicking the Discussion button that is in the trainer.

Generally speaking, the only main difference between gold / deluxe / special / ultimate / game of the year editions of games is that they come with all of the DLCs already included, for slightly less than it would cost you to buy them all individually. :slight_smile: