Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I would like to request no swaying and shot spread please. :slight_smile:

I second this. Would boost to have the Enhanced Edition updated for Epic Games Launcher. Currently only has Steam and Windows Store, and I ended up getting it on Epic because of a sale and a coupon I had.


All the cheats I’ve used work great.

Any chance of a noclip cheat?

There are some area’s you can only visit once that have collectibles and some one way areas that won’t let you out. I’m at the end of the Caspian chapter and went back to an area for a postcard and now can’t get out. All the exits are covered by invisible walls and the mission exit is disabled.

CheatEngine supposedly has a noclip option but I get virus warnings with it.

Would also love no swap/shotspread :smiley:

The Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition cheats have been updated!


  • Released trainer with 12 cheats

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!

I was hoping for an expansion of cheats, not an “update” that wasn’t needed. The old version was working just fine.

Just looking for 2 more: no sway or shot spread please. :slight_smile:

i cant seem to get unlimited health to work . all other options are fine

Does anyone know if this will work for the Epic Games version of it as well? Since there is not trainer for the Epic Store I’m hoping that manually adding the start file will work for this. Has anyone else had any luck with that?

Infinite heath doesn’t always work. Sometimes randomly get one tapped when on Ranger Hardcore difficulty.

Can we get a stealth option like on the non Enhanced version?


Epic version used to work flawlessly. I played last year but now it seems that starting the game via WeMod does not recognize the saved game files. I had to start using the Epic Game Launcher. Anyone know the workaround for this?

I’m not sure how requests are handled but is there a chance of possibly getting infinite medkits and ghost mode for the Enhanced Edition for the trainer? thanks in advance for the consideration

@MrAntiFun Anyway u can add the epic version???

Is the option for Unlimited Gasmask Broken by chance?

love the trainer but i wish there was a super sneak cheat/ghost mode

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I’ve found a current loophole that might work for you, even though techically the original trainer isn’t meant for the Enhanced edition it CAN still work with most of it’s option specifically the ghost/Invisibility option, you just have to remember to turn off the cheat before saving and exiting to the main menu to reset the game so you can grab items from NPC’s hands. Hope this helps it’s not much but it’s something till the team can get to it.


thank you this really helps