Metro Exodus says install game

Wemod says “Install Game” but it’s already installed -Epic Games.


Do you have the regular edition of the game or the enhanced edition?

Metro Exodus (regular edition)
If you have the regular edition, make sure the Epic tab is selected underneath the game’s name in the trainer:

If it is already on the Epic tab. Click the down arrow next to “Install Game” and manually link the game’s .exe, which by default will be in C:\Program Files\Epic Games\GAME_NAME, unless you’ve chosen to install games on a different drive. Note the desktop shortcut is a launcher, not a .exe, do not connect that to WeMod.

Metro Exodus Enhanced Edition
There currently isn’t a trainer for the Epic Games version of the Enhanced Edition. However, the Steam trainer may still work. Follow the same instructions above to link the .exe to the trainer and give it a go.

Cracked / Pirated version
Being a law-abiding legitimate company, WeMod does not deliberately support criminal activity, such as intellectual property theft, otherwise known as cracking or pirating software. If your game is not legitimately purchased, we cannot help you other than advise you to purcahse the game. The Metro series (at least in my region) is often discounted every now and again to about £3.99 to £4.99.

Thanks . i have enhanced ill try steam :slight_smile: