Microsoft Celebrates 10 Years of the Xbox360 with Infographic of stats

[/img]Yesterday marked a big day for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 as the incredibly long-running console turned 10 years old on November 22nd, and Microsoft has revealed a host of the console’s lifetime stats with a new infographic to celebrate it’s tenth anniversary.

A new infographic from Microsoft has revealed several of the console’s lifetime stats over the last decade, and given the Xbox 360’s popularity and long lifespan, there are plenty of figures and huge numbers being pulled in over the Xbox 360’s life, from the number of achievements earned to number of hours logged by players across all games.

I’ve certainly had plenty of great memories and lasting experiences from my time with the Xbox 360, and in the full infographic below, hopefully you’ll have some of those same memories reading the full stats below from Microsoft:


Where are the JTAGs and mods?

They must have at least ONE there that they have confiscated from some poor soul! How else did they find out a “fix” (temporarily)?

are they celebrating millions of red rings

dude its not like every xbox u get has red rings i had my xbox for 2 years and it runned like new its all about who owns the xbox u have to treat it good or it will treat its self bad that goes the same with all things

That’s not necessarily true in this case. The original phats had problems with the soldier used and overheating as well as numerous others, get the facts Here. Some sources estimate that over 50% of them were faulty is some way.

I’ve been fixing them since back around late 2008, and have probably seen over 200 of them. There’s only been about a dozen I couldn’t get working again, usually ones that were taken apart and fooled with by someone who didn’t know what they were doing before I tried. I’m not saying that all the ones I repaired are still working now, but I do have family and friends with units I fixed that are still working to this day. I still have a box out in the garage with hundreds of x clamps and heat sink hardware in it lol.