Microsoft Office 2013 Giveaway

Microsoft Office 2013 Giveaway

Enter here:

Proof for you who crave it

Open Me


i will enter in about 5 posts

I could use this, Thanks SniperFi!

Thanks for the giveaway!

Thanks for the opportunity!
Best of luck to all who enter.

Is it valid for Mac OS X as well as Windows?
Thanks for the contest, I’ll go ahead and enter.

Mac only has 2011 and we will get 2015 this year. If you don’t mind the preview version you can download it. I haven’t had any issues with it yet.

PM me the link? I have 2011, needed word and PowerPoint. Some Excel. But honestly Keynote is WAY better. It’s everything PowerPoint should inspire to be. It’s not even PowerPoint for the Mac that sucks, it’s just the ****ty program itself. Gross

If I get this I’ll upgrade my parents True Value store’s office computer with this so my mom can make her signs better and cheaper. Eventually I plan on taking over for my dad and changing the store over to the new DTV store layout, which will make the store look like the inside of a Menards but much better and greener. Also thanks for the chance to win this amazing office software.

Yeah you should stick to Keynote, im not a Mac user but at our IT department ive been doing to support on Mac`s.
Then i figured that Keynote was the superior in the fight against PowerPoint.

Anyway, i could fix an Office 2011 for Mac for you Cody if you havent already got someone to PM it to you.

Thanks!! :thumbsup:

Thanks for the giveaway

This is an awesome giveaway, but I won’t be needing it. As a college student, I get the newest Microsoft Office for free!

Edit: Woah, woah… actually I take that back. I get it in exchange for thousands of dollars in tuition/living expenses. So… yeah.

Thank you sooo much! I really need this for school work, would be a blessing. Good luck everyone!

i dont know what this is but i entered cause everyone else is entering so it must be important


Haha lets hope you win then :stuck_out_tongue:
Its prette great to have.
Btw. I got it of a friend buying an Dell AIO computer.
He already got a key from his company so he gave me it ^^

No offence but where have you been all these years :stuck_out_tongue: ?
Havent you had to write something in Word, PowerPoint or Excel before?
Its very known programs from Microsoft :wink:

Thanks, I could really use this for school!

Office 2013 Key will be sent to you soon :wink: