Microsoft Renames Xbox Music and Xbox Video

Microsoft has revealed two of its apps are undergoing name changes.

Xbox Music is now called Groove, and Xbox Video will be called Movies & TV. The more generic titles appear to have been adopted ahead of their launch on Windows 10.

The Xbox One is set to get a major UI overhaul in autumn, which will likely see sections on the console follow suit. At this year’s E3, we got a peek at what’s to come.

Earlier this year, Microsoft released a system update for Xbox One in order to lay the groundwork for the future of the platform.


Personally Groove sounds like a terrible name as for Xbox Video being called Movies & TV that’s not so bad

Groove doesn’t sound too bad. But Movies & TV sounds a little plain to me.

Not sure what the problem with Xbox Music / Videos.
Made sense with it being the entertainment side of Microsoft.

Dropping Xbox and just renaming them completely seems like a bad idea as now they seem separate entities, and then the new Music name is just dumb and out of place.

It might be to do with Windows 10, that’s my only guess.

I actually like it, the last thing I want to see any of on my gaming PC when I get Windows 10 is a bunch of xbox ****, even if it has no effect on the application.