Microsoft shoots down Xbox One Mini rumor

[/img]The Xbox One is a large console, but it seems Microsoft is in no rush to unveil a slimmer model. The company was rumored to be launching an “Xbox One Mini” in October, but Phil Spencer, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, has shot down the idea on Twitter. His “not real” statement is pretty definitive, although of course, that doesn’t mean Microsoft isn’t planning a redesign for a later date. Although the Xbox One’s sales are behind the PlayStation 4, it has a slew of exclusives coming out this fall including Halo 5: Guardians, Forza Motorsport 6 and Rise of the Tomb Raider (okay, that last one is actually a timed exclusive). If Microsoft is working on a “Mini” model, it’s more likely to appear at somewhere like E3 next year.


glad they’re canning this idea, slim models of consoles don’t last, i’ve had two slim ps2’s and a slim ps1 quit working in less than a year of purchasing them, yet all my old models still work perfectly, theirs a reason the consoles are built large.

personally my ps2 slim is still running after i bought it when it first came out but some of the discs are getting hard to read and i prefered the slim to the ps2 original brick and i prefered the psx original console to the latter released psone, the one is also a brick of a system at the moment and could do with a slimed down version but looks like that won’t happen anytime soon.

lol maybe i’m just unlucky? i dunno…