Microsoft 'testing Xbox cloud streaming', report claims

[/img]Microsoft is working on the ability to stream Xbox One and Xbox 360 games through a web browser, a report claims.

Tech site Neowin claims to have a source that says Microsoft is optimising a new cloud-based streaming service that will enable players to stream Xbox games at close to 60fps on a browser.

According to the alleged source, the service could offer “the full 360 experience”, including the Xbox 360 dashboard, on a PC by streaming it in a similar way to PlayStation Now or OnLive.

The source also claims this is not restricted to Internet Explorer and has also been tested on Google Chrome.

Furthermore, it is claimed that Microsoft is using speculation technology to reduce latency and reach video playback of 60 frames per second in some games. We’ve contacted Microsoft for comment on the report.

Microsoft Research released a report in late August which detailed the company’s experiments using speculation to reduce latency lag when streaming game footage.

The report details how up to 250ms of latency can be masked by predicting a number of possibilities for what the next frame could be in a game and then sending the correct one to the user.

Sony’s PlayStation Now open beta launched on PS4 in the US on July 31, with more than 100 games. Sony has also confirmed the streaming service will be coming to Europe in 2015.