Microsoft working on making Xbox 360 games purchasable from Xbox One

[/img]Microsoft knowns the trouble some have when they trying to get the free monthly Xbox 360 games on their Xbox Ones, and it’s working on a solution.

Ever since backwards compatibility launched on Xbox One in November, more and more users have started grabbing the monthly free Xbox 360 games part of Games with Gold, now that they’re guaranteed to work on Xbox One.

However, because of the way the purchasing system worked on Xbox 360, you need to have a credit card on file in order to download the games, despite them costing zero dollars. Even if you have money in your account, the system will always require a payment option.

This doesn’t happen for Xbox One games, and many users who rely on gift cards to buy items on the Xbox Store, get left behind every month and miss out on the free Xbox 360 games.

Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, was asked if there’s anything being done about. Thankfully, the answer was yes. Here’s what Spencer told one such fan.