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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


these cheat’s need to be updated ASAP its been waiting a while to be updated sheesh.


The update came out less than a week ago.


I’m sure it will take some time for the trainer to be updated, so we simply have to be patient. The good news is most of the options still work (except XP and mirian cheats). From a combat standpoint, everything seems to work fairly well for me. If things get wonky, just try turning off the cheat option that is causing an issue temporarily. I find that tends to solve my issues. Like many, I picked up the game during the Steam Summer Sale and am actually able to enjoy it with Infinity!

The confusing issue I run into is using “Unlimited Elven Rage”, in which case it never seems to shut off until I switch off the trainer option. Is anyone familiar with how deal with that, or is turning off the option the only way to get it to stop once activated? Not a big deal, I don’t use it much, just curious. Thanks in advance, and as always, thanks for an amazing tool!


Awesome Trainer


@Chris Is your table updated yet? If so can you link me to it? it would be much appreciated.


well trainer can load the game now and then,but seems to crash for me with focus option and arrows,health seems to do nothing for me tho… not sure if this is due to gold edition? still at act4 tho


I’m not updating my table. If it works then it works but I only made it because I was playing the new DLC anyways.


ok did some weird testings with game due to black screen i get when loading the game it self,had to delete the x64 folder in the ‘‘shadow of war game folder’’ then re verified the files,run the game again in infinity and options worked again Happy killing zee orcs btw!


iv had the same issue. I found a temporary solution to the problem with the arrows.

fast travel to any location, switch you ranged weapon to a hammer one, try to fire off a shot even tho it wont let you, fast travel again anywhere, fire hammer, switch back to main weapon.

this should solve the problem without having to restart the game, also i recommend not turning on the arrow cheat until you’re in the mission you want to use it in. also don’t have unlimited arrows toggled while you fast travel to a different region.


Are there any plans to update this anytime soon?

It seems the XP Money and Skill point cheats don’t work, everything else Works I believe.


I can’t seem to get the Health cheat working either :’(


I tried this but the health cheat still doesn’t work


Did you die?


@PowderedGolem the health cheat is finicky, and you can get damaged, especially by captains. Just fall back for a bit and drain some enemies and you’ll be fine. Just falling back usually restores one’s health, the key is not to continue attacking after a devastating blow.

Despite the updates to the game, the trainer does work for the most part, you just have to be a bit cautious. Caragors will kill you extremely quickly if you don’t counter, so your best bet is to use the “pack skill”. Dominate one, and the others will follow suit. As far as enemies, be cautious.

I’ve been able to take entire fortresses with this method, just know when to fall back for a moment or two, and your health will replenish. The key is killing or dominating the “rabble” that surrounds you. Keep any captain busy and your minions will do the work for you.


@STN just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy this trainer! Despite needing an update (which takes much needed time), it works like a charm and has turned and otherwise nightmarish grind into a fun game! I have some issues with “Unlimited Elven Rage” that never cuts off, but that could be my trainer settings. Not like I need it anyway.

I refused to have anything to do with this game until loot boxes were removed, just a matter of principle (and finances). I was able to find a compatible save game for the original, so Shadow of War posed a unique issue for me. WeMod changed all that, and allowed me to win the game at my own pace without having to stoop to pirating, which is not my style.

I’ll cheat my a$$ off single-player, its my game, my choice, and this trainer made an otherwise frustrating game enjoyable. I’ve put more hours into this game than I have most, and that says a lot, since I am easily frustrated. A game should be enjoyable for all skill levels, even us “old farts” who lack dexterity, and just want to enjoy a story, along with some conquest!

Thank you so much for your hard work, and as for those who think you are critical, after 23+ years as a software engineer, I think you are tolerant compared to myself. I sincerely appreciate your work. Those who are critical would doubtfully say the same to you in person. My experiences with my eldest stepson eluded to as much. Kids will be kids.

Thank you for your hard work, and I look forward to going Pro version by the end of the year! All the more support to you and the rest of the team!


@STN Love your trainer but I found a little something that I would love if you could do, if I activate unl. focus some skills for example Waters of Lórien, Wraith Execution, Wraith Chain (i think this is all) still consumes focus, is there any way this could be fixed? Becouse these are my favourite skills and i would love to have fun with them using infinite focus. Hope you reply, and thanks for reading.


does this trainer work with the game? because it sais that there are no trainers availible for my game version, but ive seen some where things work after an update


Some of the options don’t work for me can I get some help? The ones that are not working are skill points coins and exp.


its not uupdated for the current game version (1.18)


Focus is still used by the Unlimited Focus cheat, but will instantly regenerate to full if you aim with the bow for a moment.