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Middle-earth: Shadow of War Cheats and Trainer for Steam


I would have to check them one at a time, but the only things i run are infinite arrows, might and wrath.
But when opening wemod, it says, “there are no trainers for your game version”.
I am running a legit steam version of the game.


@chaotious I know it sounds like a “reformat will fix it” type of answer, but just yesterday I had the same thing happen with KOTOR and WeMod, but after a verify local files in steam it recognized it as the version it was expecting. Give that a shot :slight_smile:

How to:


I did verify the files already before posting here.
Took forever since the game is 151GB, but i had no issues, and the trainer still crashes the game.


I’m in the “there are no trainers for your game version” camp. While it mostly works, I find that the focus cheat does not work in the “Desolation of Mordor” DLC. What I do not know is whether the trainer is intended to work with Desolation. It did work with “Blade of Etariel”. In any case, when I toggle a cheat off, it completely crashes the game. I frequently find myself doing a full reboot of the computer.

Not sure whether my experience is unique.


This trainer only supports the base game.


Can we expect a Definitive Edition update for this trainer?


Unlimited coins doesn’t work…


Definitive edition is just the game+dlc so the trainer is already updated for it.


Unlimited Coins does not work, is there any way this could be updated?


Has there been an update to the game?


Steam DB reports the last change in game files being 2 weeks ago.


i’m not certain, i just started using the trainer. i don’t know if its supposed to make my coins be 99,999,999 or if they are not supposed to drain, either way it does neither of those.


Recently began using the steam trainer for the updated version of the game. Encountered a few bugs with some of the cheats, possibly indicating that the trainer does require an update for the steam version. Infinite health appears to not be working, an attack does appear to take a chunk off of the health bar. Infinite coins also does not appear to work. Stealth works in a roundabout manner; you can’t be detected but neither can you stealth kill when the orcs stare at your present location (as if they can detect you but not become aggressive - correction on this: ranged orcs can and will spot you). Infinite arrows and focus does appear to work, unsure about the rest of the cheats (I don’t use those).


Infinite health has never kept the bar at 100% but you shouldn’t be able to die. Once it gets to a certain it will stop decreasing.


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Fair point, I’ll check to see that since I’ve never been hit enough to die (or at least come close). Can you confirm if the other cheats are working? I’m curious to see if it’s the trainer or an isolated issue with my game.


that does not work with the new version of the game please update

  • Unlimited Elven Rage
  • Unlimited Elven Rage Duration


HI, STN I know you are very busy is version 1.21 going to be release soon


It’s no doubt on STN’s to do list but considering all the trainers STN works on we’ll have to be patent :smiley: