Midnight Club LA Modded Gamesave

Heres a 100% complete save. You will need to put in your Profile, Device and Console ID through Modio. Then Rehash and Resign.

This is my GameSave with SpeedHack on the Audi R8 and it has some Modded Glowing Cars, i put it on the RX7 and RX8 but they fail.

This is my save but i didn’t make the cars glow. i downloaded them off Rate My Ride

Click here to download the Save

Hope you have fun with this. Please tell me if it don’t work

The best way to gain speed in the Audi R8, put it in 3RD gear and open it up.

Nice Looking For 1 Its Beast Gamesave!

Nice Post Been Looking For This Thanks

:slight_smile: ill upload another link with more speed cars later on.

This game was so hard lol

lol, thats why i cheated.

Thanks this should be a lot of fun.

server offline :confused:

Server offline

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