Mine craft ultimate thread

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ok so i added some more textures, used some of indee’s single player mods, added resigner’s tut, added some to it, added giingerbrushes server, and mc resource plus more

ok so there are some things i’d like to go over
if you need any help PLEASE pm me, i have all of the mods installed, or at one point did

texture packs
single player
client look mod


ok so this applies for basically everything
your going to need winrar!!



Read the OP’s instructions carefully, and look for updates in the thread carefully.

To open your .minecraft folder:

In Windows 7: C:\Users\Your User Name\AppData\Roaming.minecraft

In Windows Vista/XP: C:\Documents and Settings*your user name*\Application Data.minecraft

Linux: /home/Your User Name/.minecraft

Mac OS/X: ~/Library/Application Support/minecraft

.minecraft Folder

The .minecraft folder looks something like this:

What’s inside the bin folder is what we need:
-version file

Open the minecraft.jar file with WinRAR or the program of your choice. (Some programs may make another .jar file with the name “minecraft” in it, such as xau’s HD Texture Patch which made a “minecraft-1.1_02” jar in my folder. Don’t mod these .jar’s, only mod “minecraft.jar”)


This part is really simple. Now that you have your .minecraft.jar open, you can follow the instructions of the mod you got. Most instructions are like this:
-Extract the contents of the mod to a temporary folder (I keep all my stuff in a folder called Minecraft Tools on my Desktop, makes it easier to do over if I screw up again).
-Drag and drop the contents of the mod into the WinRAR window that has minecraft.jar open. If the mod has any folders in it that are the same name as any in the minecraft.jar (such as armor or gui, don’t worry, WinRAR will merge the contents together)
-Some mods require the deletion of the META-INF folder. Do this if it is required for the installation of the mod.
-Finish any other instructions, and then you’re done![/details]

minecraft info

ok so minecraft is a sandbox game that is MEANT to be pixelated, this game has sold over a million copies and is becoming trendy. this game has multiplayer and single player, zombies, creative modes, and skins. this game is very easy to mod, but it also takes the fun outa the game. minecraft was made by a guy named notch, he works with mojang studios to keep this game runnning and popular. the game costs around 15 dollars and you wont regret it, but if your cheap you can get a cracked client. if you want a cracked client pm me.


greifing: to destroy others buildings or structures
commands: in multiplayer servers you have commands, to acces your commands type "/help [page]
ranks: the rank you have in gam is similar to ranks in cod, the higher rank you have the more commands you have, commands are like 1337 guns in cod/

[details=servers]ok so i’ll start out with servers, there are 2 main servers on this forum, both you can donate too and both have the latest updates for plug ins
prices server :

2.XMB Konor

cody’s server :
web: http://minecraftsourceserver.webs.com/
abboz (me :smiley:)

giingerbrush’s server

server id


Server Address - baconcraft.ddns.net:29065
XMB Forum Post
Forum: BaconCraft.net
Server Status -

[details=textures]now onto texture packs
instalation copied and pasted
-Cleaning your installation (DO THIS BEFORE INSTALLING THE PACK)

  1. Hit Windows Key + R to open the Run console.
  2. Type in and enter the following: %appdata%/.minecraft/
  3. That should open a folder, in that folder delete the bin and texturepacks folders.
  4. Run Minecraft and let it patch. When that’s done, close Minecraft completely.
    -Installing the texture pack
  5. Save my pack’s zip file and the latest version of MCPatcher to your desktop.
  6. Run MCPatcher and check the texture pack box. (Leave everything else alone for now.)
  7. In the file bar next to it browse to the zip file of my pack and open it to add it to the patcher.
  8. 64x64 will be auto-detected, and all 6 buttons below will be checked. (If not, you’re doing it wrong.)
  9. Hit patch and wait for the “Success!..Probably.” message to appear, then close the patcher.
  10. Play the game!

mixcraft (read the READ ME file)

this is a hd texture pack with semi realistic images
Mixcraft v24 Pack.zip

Credit Where Credit is Due

(Items, Mobs, and Terrain are all from mixed sources)

Armor - SMP
Art - Koolwitak
Clouds - Koolwitak
Chest hud - SMP
Workbench hud - Taehl
Furnace hud - DVan
Icons file - Koolwitak
Items.png -
Logo - Koolwitak
Arrows - Misa
Boat - Doku
Cart - SMP
Sign - Koolwitak
Foliage color - Koolwitak
Mobs -
Sun and Moon - DVan
Water animation - Aageon
Particles - Koolwitak

misa texture pack
another hd texture pack, also popular

simple colors

“The SimpleColors” Texture Pack (16x16) - Minecraft Forums

super mariocraft


  1. Save file as terrain.png on your desktop
  2. Go to Run and type in %temp%/minecraft.net (if you play on minecraft.net and not http://www.minecraft.net)
  3. Open up Minecraft folder
  4. Find file minecraft.jar and drag onto your desktop
  5. Open file with winrar or other rar program
  6. Drag terrain.png into file and then drag file back into the minecraft folder

k now you have to save this pic

this next one uses the name method, it is a portal mod for minecraft

heres the pic you save and replace

just a simple block texture

replace the image with this…

ok so basically skins are wat your character looks like, you can use a skin editor in a program or photo shop edit it
ill link the programs and some pics

well since there are so many choices i’d like to link two site where u can get skins


and heres some choices


[details=mods]onto mods
big topic, and many choices

ok so for starters you would like to get some things

zombe's mod pack (very popular)

zombe’s mod pack
you can downlaod the whole thing and try to install it on your own, or use kinks program to just get the flying mod
kinks flying mod


the full pack: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19090066/minecraft/modpack-v42_MC.beta.1.2_02.zip
features of the full pack
–Cart Control
–Classic Building
–Cloud Control
–Craft All Key
–Custom Crafting Recipes
–Customizable Block Teleportation
–Damage Control
–Mob Spawn Control
–Mob Spawn Highlighter
–Path Tracker
–Ore Redistribution
–Sun Control
–Wield Key

and heres the full pack (read READ ME file)

ok now for mod loader, this supports some nice plug in’s that you might want


  1. Open up %appdata%, if you don’t know how to do this, start>run, then type in %appdata%
  2. Browse to .minecraft/bin
  3. Open up minecraft.jar with WinRAR or 7zip.
  4. Drag and drop the necessary files into the jar.
  5. Delete the META-INF folder in the jar.
  6. Run Minecraft, enjoy!


now for some mods that go withen the mod box

zans custom mini map

zans minimap


power arrows

power arrows
basically they make 1337 arrrows that spawn trees, mobs, tnt, ice, etc…



chicken gliding

Good Things:

  • Gliding is now possible.
  • You can transport a chicken anywhere you want
  • Eggs are laid directly into your brain!
  • You now get a jump height of 2 blocks with this.
  • You can smack the chicken for an extra boost!

Bad things:

  • You cannot do anything else while the chicken is held. If you try to do something else, you’ll likely either throw the chicken away or kill it.
  • The chicken’s feet still
  • Chickens can die if you jump into a ceiling, but leaves are fine.
  • It’s now very easy to kill yourself if you dont keep track of the chicken’s health.

battle towers


Battle towers are back and better than ever! This time, golems can be spawned from a regular mob spawner, no block ID is used anymore (this means it is compatible with everything!) and Golems DON’T DESPAWN ANYMORE!!! So now you can still go back and fight it if you die!
This mod creates pregenerated Tower Dungeons on your map. The spawning probability has been changed, so you can now find one every 300 chunks that are generated. If you want to find another tower quickly, just save and load the game after you find your first one. They won’t appear anywhere except on a flat, open area, so look for a desert, a tundra, a swamp or any generally flat area. Always be prepared before you go inside.
easy towers:
Appearance: Pure Cobblestone
Mobs: Only Zombies and Skeletons
Treasure: 3 random item stacks per chest
Boss: 150 HP, drops 1-2 diamonds on death
medium towers:
Appearance: Cobblestone with some Mossy Cobblestone
Mobs: No Creepers
Treasure: 5 random item stacks per chest
Boss: 300 HP, drops 3-4 diamonds on death
hard towers:
Appearance: Pure Mossy Cobblestone
Mobs: All four mobs, including Creepers
Treasure: 7 random item stacks per chest
Boss: 450 HP, drops 5-6 diamonds on death
This mod requires Risugami’s Mod Loader 1.2.6 and Risugami’s Audio Loader 1.2.6. You MUST install them first before this mod will work. Also, not all files go into the jar. some files must be added to the “resources” folder in your .minecraft directory. See the instructions included for more details. Remember that the mod no longer uses px.class so you need a clean one.
the required resugami’s audio and mod laoder:



road maker
RoadWalker will build roads as you walk. If enabled, while walking into the side of a mountain, RoadWalker will automatically tunnel through the earth for you. Walls and ceilings are placed when their block locations are not air. You are able to set the block type for the road, walls, and ceiling, as well as the height and width of the road. In addition, you can turn off creating walls / ceilings and auto-tunneling. Jumping will allow road to build up, looking straight down will allow road to build down.

Undo / Redo is built in. Each session, defined as the time between first /road use and next /road use, is available for undo / redo, but only while the plugin is enabled and you are logged in.

/road - Toggles road creation on and off
/rset [option] [value] - Sets option for your current road building session
/rundo - undo your latest road
/rredo - redo your lastest road

rset options and values: (all of these have defaults in RoadWalker.properties)
all [block type] - set road, wall, and ceiling block types
all [on|off] - turn on or off the creation of walls, ceiling, and auto-tunnel
road [block type] - set the block type for the road surface
wall [block type] - set the block type for walls
wall [on|off] - turn on or off the creation of walls
ceiling [block type] - set the block type for ceiling
ceiling [on|off] - turn on or off the creation of ceiling
tunnel [on|off] - turn on or off the creation of tunnels
width [#] - how many blocks wide the road surface will be (walls will be build 1 block wider on either side if needed)
height [#] - how many blocks high the tunnel will be
distance [#] - how far in front of you the road will start building
rail [on|off] - turn on or off minecart tacks
booster type [block type] - set the block type for booster (block under track)
booster spacing [#] - set the spacing between booster blocks




this is thank to “indee’s” contribution

This one can be a bit laggy and hard to use, but it’s pretty useful when you get used to it. It allows you to edit your maps. You can delete any blocks and place any blocks or items. It also allows you to change your character’s position and spawn position, which is extremely helpful.
Download Link: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?t=15522#Downloads

invedit. This allows you to open your MineCraft savefiles and edit your inventory. You can place any item you want and any number of them. (The program allows you to stack any item you want up to 255.) You can also edit the damage on items like armour, weapons, and tools. You can set the damage all the way down to -32657, which basically means it’s not going to break for a long long long time.

cleint mods

ok so this tutorial is from rehasher and here it is

Change Splash text! And Bootup Logo For Mojang
1st Open minecraft.jar in WinRar or WinZIP!
2. Navigate over to the Title folder!!!
3. Click on splashes.txt until it opens in Notepad!
4. Edit the captions to what you want!
They will be displayed like the other text next to the minecraft logo!

Also you can edit the Mojang picture to display want you want instead of the Mojang Logo During start up!

How to change the Minecraft Logo On Menu!

1.Navigate Towards The gui Folder extract logo.png

2.Open it in whatever photo editing software

3.Edit to your liking

4.That is for the Logo On Main Menu btw

How to change paintings!!!

1Navigate the art folder
2. Extract kz.png
3. Open in what ever photo editing software

ok now to figure out to change your crafting, inventory, furnace etc… skins
for pc open up your minecraft.jar file.
go to gui and extract
the following pictures

[b][u]once you have those extracted copy them into a fodler that you will create on your desktop called minecraft back ups!

that step is essantial if you **** up, please for your sake do that step.[/u][/b]

open up the crafting.png in photoshop.
itll looks like this

now once you have that open, click file open and choose the image you want to go over this image.

once you have that image open copy it into your minecraft crafting.png

your gonna needa resize some thigns so go ahead and do that.

your image that you want to replace it with is gonna be on top, u can choose of the layer settings
soft light
hard light
linear light
after you have it like that it should look something like this

now zoom in on the image
and choose the rectangular marquee tool
select the following points

you can choose to select the arrow point, it’s optional
once you slect your first area, erase it

do the same for the rest
should come out like so

insert eh image back intot eh minecraft.jar file and run minecraft, if it freezes you have your back up
if u need help talk to me
looks like so in game

server exploration

well gl and hf

OH damn.
Alot of text

Wait, so we can just discuss Minecraft? If we can, I just lit a whole ****ing forest on fire to make room for my beach house. Now everything is on fire. Nice post by the way Abboz, some of those texture packs look really nice.

holy **** this took a long time, lol, ok editing for neatness and 1337 post look

not bad post i approve

I have yet to read it all… But pretty cool so far.
I really need to get into minecraft more.

posted mroe server info and a big installation tut, if you have a server or any mods you want me to add tell me and i will add them

Very good thread. Here’s my Single Player mods and Server mods thread if you want to add some of them: https://www.wemod.com/forum/77-tech-section/26698-various-minecraft-hacks.html

Nice job, Make sure to keep organize :wink:

updated with more stuff, thanks to indee
updated with some mroe features for mods, gonna go through my folder

My post is moar about customizing the launcher its self and ingame **** you can’t do with texture packs. You should add my link as a reference. https://www.wemod.com/forum/77-tech-section/27860-how-change-crap-minecraft.html


thank u so much this is awesome

option for that :]

thanks for the teamview help (:
and the new mods :smile:

added 2 more servers to this list, and since mroe minecraft servers are popping up please contact me on aim if you want any changes in the thread

thanks for the teamview

is there anywhere you can find more of these mods, like a site that you can see releases of such mods

Mapping & Modding - Minecraft Forums

doesn’t anyone wanna keep this thread alive? added a new mod called road walker