Minecraft Dungeons Cheats and Trainer

Add One Shot Kill Mode!

Game crashes during missions. Fix this and it would be a great trainer

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Hey! A new steam version for Minecraft dungeons has been released. Can we get an update trainer for this platform please?


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What is the new trainer meant to be played on? I can’t get it to work on the version installed from the Minecraft Launcher.

Hey fellas,

on the PC version most of the cheats don´t Work. It would be great if u could Check out the Cheats u provide and update it appropriately.

Thanks in Advance.

BTW: When u have cheats enable and finishing a mission the game is crashing… so disable all cheats before finishing a mission.

Disabling all cheats before completing the mission doesn’t help and i have done that and it still crashes.

I even tried the steam version and the cheats but it crashes there too, so i refunded the steam version and deinstalled the other one too… sad face

Can u make the “Super Damage/One-Hit Kills” do more damage because up at high difficulties it isn’t enough to one-hit?

I noticed that the unlimited emeralds has an issue at the Luxury Merchant, is it possible to lock the maximum Restock price to something less than 9999999 The issue I run into is I can’t keep restocking until I find the best gear, every time I hit the restock value of 13million or higher I can’t keep restocking and am forced to play another dungeon before I can look for more powerful gear.

Is it possible to add an option to lock or set the maximum restock price?

Thank you so much! keep up the good work <3

is it possible to make it so we get a faster way to level up the season pass ingame?

The Minecraft Dungeons cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Can you add a health multiplier (just like you added damage multiplier)

You should make unlimted gold

Use Damage multiplyer

Did anyone work on gameversion 16.2 ?

Can we have no cooldown for artifacts feature no cooldown for a health potion? Please

a lot of mods dont work and some dont even activate

gold multiplier would be cool