Minecraft in Horizon

I think that mods for Minecraft should be added.Mods like full inventory of diamonds or spawn blocks… and other mods that Minecraft has on the computer



Those things are for the computer, they may not be possible for the Xbox.

But there are some inventory editing tools on here, just not on Horizon yet.

There is a mod tool but its not in horizon and you can mod all of you’re inventory to 64 diamonds or what you have.

Edit it will one day you will be able to have pc mods for the xbox like it happen to gta 4 so why not minecraft?



Use the search button in future.

i think it should have some of the modded modes like PC for example the pokemon mod

help me guys i need hunger games for minecraft xbox to download it on to my usb

Yeah, But Whats The Point Of This When Creative Is About To Come Out?..

Portal Gun Mod For Minecraft Xbox 360 Please!!!

or just an inventory editor a creative remover something that works for the tu 34 and up