Minecraft Save Editor v1.2 | DL | Mediafire | Xbox360

[size=20]1. Put as many items into your inventory as possible in-game then save and exit
2. Extract your save from your USB
3. Open your save into the Editor
4. Mod what you want and Save
5. Rehash/Resign your save and put your save back on your USB
6. PLAY!

Make sure you have Framework 4.0


Minecraft XBLA Editor v1.2.rar


Virus Scan the TR/Dropper is a false positive. Thanks o HORIZONS o

Thanks to Idlehands88, fairchild, and Buddah from 360haven

[Release] Minecraft XBLA Editor[/size]

I was wondering when someone would post it here…

yeah its been a few hours. i was surprised i was first haha

Good thing anyways. I sure many will be pleased to see one exists. I love this ****ing editor, though. Built me a goddamn house made of Obsidian!

All I need is a flatgrass map now.

Thanks a lot for this, but you should know that you need to post a virus scan with it.

He should know? If your worried about getting a virus then why bother using it at all…

only shows 1 virus which is a false virus and its for the decompiler tool that comes with it which you need and was made by Fairchild (moderator) from 360Haven and is a person that i can vouch and trust.

Also the same editor is in 360Revolution…

It doesn’t matter, it’s just the rules.

Well there’s a virus scan for all of you… use it or don’t

same here anyone got one? haha

and this is a great tool

So I got a .NET Framework thing does that mean I have to update that or something?

Never mind it works fine .

It says something about Microsoft Framework so it wont work help

it works fine. you have to rehash and resign with horizon after you save.

and its not my editor, just posting it

Did you make this application?

no, i put all credit in the thread

It doesn’t work for me it gives me an error when opening and saving saying something about Microsoft Framework

need to update your framework to 4.0

Download: Microsoft .NET Framework 4 (Web Installer) - Microsoft Download Center - Download Details

what do I download there is 2 things when I click download?

Dont add items that are not in the 360 version yet. it will cause the game to freeze. rule of thumb, if you have not seen it in game, dont add it