Minecraft SEED list

This is a simple list of all the interesting SEED’s for Minecraft 1.3 BETA

this list will be updated regularly.
format will be the seed=(description)
hill=many hills

Open Me

Glacier=MANY floating islands some water falls and GAINT hills.

MoJang= Spawns a world that Notch recommends.
Pig= Lots of pigs!
Cows=Lots of cows!
Snow=Snowy world.
Nether= I dont need to explain O_o

1337/Flat/MineCraft/Notch Try that, to lazy to do it myself.

awesome: a lot of snow and ice

Great thread! i only knew about winter before this.

Glacier is my favorite.

Great thread, I’ll try to put it to good use.
How do I use these e_e

Yo where you got that texture pack? And tell me how to do the no clip.


Texture Pack(Best one I ever used):
â—„Mixcraft - SemiRealistic HD Pack (v25) Works in BETA 1.3!!â–º - Minecraft Forums


You spawn in front of a mass of gravel
hit a block of it and it turns into a huge sinkhole
many caves lie beneath =P

Trees and Flat

[details=Open Me]022 = Epic forest bridge mountains
TnT = Map that looks destoryed
QICU812 = Epic Mountainous area in my world x: -69 Y : 67
HOLY COW! = I spawned, and then LAVA flow onto the sand and I got killed many times in a row!
iwantamountain = Bridge mountains
herobrine = disk shaped mountain there is a little double sided cove filled with coal and sandstone
i don’t really think seed will do anything = exactly as i wrote it,it should give you a vast desert,including sand mountains.
Helmsdeep = it’s pretty nice flat land.
1234567890 = wired scultures at x:60 z:12
amro is super cool dood = Pretty much no matter where you spawn there’ll be crazy arching mountains and stuff.
Lava everywhere = it came up with a funny looking mountains with dirt jutting out of the top. X: 129.5 Y:67.62 Z: -141.5
94 = And spawned right next to a lava lake. Cords: X=126 Y=65 Z=-124
8080 = gave me a map with TONS of trees!
y310 = Mountains
7 = Islands with clay
9999999 etc = mountains with floating islands (dont write etc)
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz = Flat spawn (Alphabet)
Notch = Gives you a nice map, with floating blocks. :3
Piggy = Gives you a beach with a bit of grass.
ABC123DEF456 = A regular map…Or is it?
y2k = found a flat land, lava pit on the surface, cacti and a nice little bridge from mountain to mountain. (this is only a little part of the map)
Area 51 = spawns mega cool world for me :o The coordinates for me are X +55 and z -11 great mountain and such that often only spawns by chunk error =D
Steve VS Notch = Huge islands that will never take you long away from water (only tried once)
42 = put me on a beach with trees and dark green grass. W. Mushrooms
Atlas = (low chance) and spawned on the ocean floor, swam to the surface to be blocked by ice, drowned and respawned on the ice[/details]

copy and pasted from Map generator seeds - Minecraft Forums
hope this helps your list grow (: