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Welcome to the official Troll Craft Topic.

About us.

Well it all started a couple of months ago when i started the server Awesomesauce.
It went good and we got some allot of players. The main reason why me and my cousin made a server was to have fun and that we could play with each other, and have fun.
Well after a while, we said “This is boring.”. And that when we came up with the idea to start a minecraft server for all people that wants to have fun, and enjoy a serious and a very fun survival server/Roleplaying server. So we made some money, and paid for another month on our server. Then people started to join and it was so fun! It was fun helping everyone, playing with others, held competitions and so much more.
So then we was on for about two months after that, enjoying the server, but alot happened and we started to lose players. But still, about 5 people was on at the same time, and 8 was the maximum players online.
And then the server was off for about 2 weeks, and we wanted to start fresh. So we made this server. Here you can have fun, chat with other players, make money with our 100 % working economy system, including jobs, selling and such.
We also have PvP, for people who want to play versus other players. Kill each other, stake and so much more.
We have survival mode on, which means monsters will be spawning at night.
We have all the latest addons and we are adding more by time.
Thank you for reading.

We know we don’t have the best name ever, but we thought it was fun and it fitted the players on the server.

(old videos)


Server Spec

Ram: 1 Gigabyte.
Brustable Ram: 1,5 Gigabyte
Maximum Players: 15
Daily Backups: Yes
Daily/Weekly Updates: Yes
Premium Membership: Yes
24/7 Hosting: Yes
Status: ONLINE


Owner: Sneeky (me)
Co-Owner:: Excib, W1NTERSUN
Administartor: iTz_Max
Administartor: CODGOD35
Moderator: None
Moderator: None
Moderator: None


We have many diffrent ranks also called groups.
We have the basic ones, which we wont tell you much about, which is Owner, Co-Owner, Administrator and Moderator.

All the ranks/groups includes a custom colored name and a custom title.

Here are our custom ones:

Epic: For people that are cool, they help out people in the game, build stuff and helps the staff.

Donator: For someone who donated any amount of money, it dosen’t matter if it was 1 $, or 100 $.
When you donate, you will recieve a custom kit. Which includes all the diamond tools + armour.

CloudCraft’s Cool Kids Club: For someone who donated over 15 $.
When you donated over 15 $, you will get into this group, and you will recieve alot of commands.
Including flying, special kits, make a warp, teleport to a player, teleport a player to you, , , permissions to kick someone and more!
We will add more commands ASAP.

Builder: When you are a official CloudCraft builder, you will get the commands so you can spawn items. To get builder, you have to build something really epic, that will make us in the staff team really impressed. All in the staff team haves to look at the building before we can give you builder.

Other Info:

Server Software/Mod: Bukkit
Minecraft Version: 1.7.2

Latest News:

Since the 1.7.2 update we lost some addons, we will re-add them ASAP.
Please check the server out :wink:
We are working on a website aswell!

The Ending

Thank you all for reading this topic, we hope you will have a nice time here on xboxmb, and that you will take some time to check the server out.
The ip can be find in this thread!
Have a nice day!

  • Exzib

Great server. Hope more people join.

Ohhhh, is it a cracked server, or are them around any more?

No sir, this is a non cracked one.

You wont be seeing me then :wink:

Aww, why don’t you buy a minecraft acc from meh? ;D
No B/S/T so aim me: iFreshyy

Just a heads up, if the map is large you’ll need at least 4GB of RAM to support more than 6 players.

My map is pretty big and i have 15 players online running just fine.

Nice server :stuck_out_tongue: i’ll be getting minecraft soon cant wait

Well my experience with this server was amazing from the start then i was chilling with nyan cat and firefox and i found some chests so being the curious type i opened the chests only to find them filled with 64 stacks of all kinds of wool! So i took some yeah i stole them but is it my fault the chests weren’t protected? Then i spent for the better part of half an hour locked in a jail with angry wolves did i leave heavens no i stayed. After figuring out that you could /home to get out i kept on trying to escape because i thought hey why not? Then Max got annoyed of the popup from afraid skills (plugin) and banned me. overall great ****ing server.

Thanks wolf, appreciate it. Well I guess you can be unbanned.

whitelist, M4X_THE_CR33P3R please.

^ Theres a whitelist now?

I’m pretty sure he’s in Norway right now… He told me he was leaving.

removed by myself, problem solved

Hey whats the info to donate? was thinking about donating a bit lol

server is down! :anguished:

^ oh ten noes i was just thinking about getting on! remember when i was in jail and you teh banned me?

its down? :anguished: I was just going to jump into it for the first time!

im not a admin or anything i couldnt of banned you or put you in jail lol? also i think its gonna be down untill the owner gets back