Minecraft Xbox 360 Custom Skins

I was playing with a friend on minecraft yesterday and he invited one of his friends. So normally I wouldn’t really care, but this person had custom skins. He had Batman, Honeydew, Finn, and many more. I asked him how he got custom skins but he wouldn’t tell me. So if anyone knows how or can do this for me, I will be forever in your debt.:slight_smile:

I saw this video, but sadly when I attempted doing what this person said it didn’t work. :anguished:
I think there is more to it then just extracting the skin dlc file then opening it in paint or photoshop.

Does anyone else know anything?

Were you playing on Xbox Live or were you on a JTAG/RGH

Online, why?

I have a idea it may not be correct but just stick with me on this. You guys know how minecraft got released on retail discs for the Xbox? Well why can’t you get modded iso`s for minecraft and burn them on a dual layer disc? Then just hot swap the retail disc with the modded one. Kind of like how you would mod gta iv for the Xbox. I know this wouldn’t of been possible before because minecraft for Xbox was just a marketplace download. But it might be possible now that there is retail discs for it. Let me know what you guys think.
(This will probably make sense to those of you who modded gta iv for the Xbox using the hot swapping method.)

umm i guess you can buy them or get a mod

Yes you can edit any files on the disc except the .xex. Which is probably how he did it.

Hmm I do believe that is a JTAG/RGH not a xbox.

if you guys can figure it out i can test it for you id be happy to spend some time on this and so would my buddy

you download pc skins than replace the xbox skins with the renamed the pc skins but you have to have the skin pack on your usb save than in joy

download gemp 2 and horizon an get a save game on a flash drive

My friend has custom skins too… I can’t do what he is explaining does anyone know how to change a png file to a .con file or .LIVE ?

You are on the right track. The skins can not have extras and you can only replace the original skins of the game.

I Know A way Search Minecraft Skin Editor Xbox 360 Download On Google And Go On The Skindex And Download A Skin And Make A New Folder And Drag The Skin In The Folder And Open Minecraft Skin Editor And Do Some Stuff And Yeah P.S Plug You’re USB Into You’re Computer/PC:thumbsup:

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i have an app called surface for minecraft free (on the app store) and they transfer your skin to minecraft servers to get it on the xbox.


um they have skin packs of those