Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition Free

You do NOT need a jtag/rgh to use this.

1.Configure Your USB (if you haven’t already)
2.Plug in your USB to your CPU,laptop
3.Open Horizon
4.Drag Minecraft into Horizon
5.keep everything as it is.
6.Save to device and there you go


Source: TTG

I’m a bit skeptical but I’ll give it a try. If it works you will get my .

It quite well be the version which you buy instore as it could be DRM free. But I am not 100% sure about this so be careful.

Well I downloaded and added it to my flash drive using horizon with no issues. I will test it now on my offline console.

Does this work??

How would this work? This is like placing any DLC from another console onto someone’s Xbox and expecting to play it.

It’s Just the Trial game.



So is it the full game?

Someone just said it was Just the Trial game.

Just the trial game. Don’t waste your time unless you want the trial.

lol I already got the game.

Doesn’t work.