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Minecraft Xbox 360 to PC Map incomplete. Help

I am trying to convert a map from my Xbox 360 to my PC. I am having only one problem, the map is incomplete and the parts where I have built are empty. Any help would be great…

If I remember correctly cant convert 360 to PC
I know couldn’t do PC to 360
Its been awhile I may be wrong
But I think that’s why
Have to ask @SteveWonda he will know for sure when he come on

I honestly don’t know for sure. I’m pretty sure with the right Minecraft map/world conversion program it’s possible to convert maps/worlds both ways, but there’s probably certain factors that have to be correct for them to work 100%. If you were able to get it to show up and load then it must be possible. Otherwise it would have shown up as corrupt or damaged I would think. This info is out there so you should just put in some time and figure it out. I’m not a Minecraft player so I can’t help you any further, and my son who used to play a lot doesn’t respond when I ask him, he just says stuff like “Beans” or yells at his dookie Fortnite partners. Good luck getting it all sorted.

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