Mist Survival Cheats and Trainer for Steam

This is the official discussion topic of the Mist Survival Trainer and Cheats in the WeMod app. Please post any suggestions, bug reports, or praise that you may have for the cheats in here!


Download the trainer and find it in the WeMod app.

Trainer Options and Cheats:

1. Unlimited Health
2. Unlimited Stamina
3. Unlimited Stats


Trainer Video:

Supported Game Versions:

We strive to keep our trainers up to date with the latest game versions. WeMod automatically detects which version you have installed and activates the mods accordingly. So there’s no need to worry about which version of the game you have!

Updates and Changes:

  • 08/30/2018
    Started development

  • 08/30/2018
    Released trainer with 3 cheats

  • 04/26/2019
    Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

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downloaded mist survival today and trainer is not working, can anyone help please?


Explain not working?

The unlimited health an unlimited stamina in the trainer when activated they don’t actually do anything you still run out of stamina and you still lose health and with the stats you still lose food and thirst for the stats.


I think this trainer need an update. Because the trainer don’t work!

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hi it makes the activation noise but no unlimited anything.

Hmm I’m going to try it…I’ll re-edit this once I have my findings… Also ammo and other stuff could be useful, just saying.

[EDIT: Yeah it’s not working. Stamina goes down, so do the status like hunger and water, Also yeah…I got mauled by a bear lol. Also be nice for unlimited ammo and resources if possible. I believe it had a 181 MB update]

I don’t have the game on steam. The way this game is hacked, i can’t make a trainer that works for different versions. So the solution is to get a original version 1.0 of game or wait for me to get the game through steam somehow.

what if we all send you a few £ each and you buy it?

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I would be willing to donate 5$ so you grab a copy for you. I would go pro but I can’t afford over 50 right now but I’m willing to pitch in the 5$. I can handle that. I just want the stamina part of the mod. Well hit me back if You want me to send to help out. Btw This is the best program out of them all. Thanks Will upgrade to pro next month.

No need. Already got the game

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ETA on the update stn? and will there be more options or just the current ones?.

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Any possible update on the progress for the fix

was hoping for an update, this game is so awesome after all :slight_smile: and the game just got updated today.

It’s really $hit to hack though

wow, i’m not even gonna try to act like i know anything about hacking because i really don’t but i never would have guessed that a game created by one person would be difficult to crack, I appreciate the work you do STN and if you can’t crack it then that’s fine too, i’ll still appreciate the effort you put into it

Not crack. Hack. Big difference.

Still worth it @STN we love your work no matter you bring out!. Be more creative I say…

it does not work please recharge :wink:

Plzz make another trainer PLZZZZZ <3