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Is there any way to use the mobile app to “hit play” and start the WeMod cheats? Some games really don’t like alt tab.

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No, this feature does not exist in the remote app. All it does is allows you to access the premium exclusive webpage through an app.

WeMod is a remote for WeMod, not for your PC. There are programs with apps that will act as a “PC remote”, like TeamViewer.

@Ravenfyre if the remote WeMod web app or the mobile app can turn the cheats on and off for a game why can it also hit “play?”

Is this a feature I can suggest somewhere official?

The desktop app’s Play button just triggers the game’s launcher. It’s no different to you double-clicking the shortcut for the game on your desktop.

To do this via a mobile app will require a lot more development of the mobile app to include a feature that will allow your PC to be “controlled” via the mobile app. This is a lot more complicated than simply turning cheats on and off via a website that is within an app.

  • Imagine a remote control for your TV. Point it at your TV and change the volume. It works.
  • Now point the remote control at your computer and change the volume. It doesn’t work.
  • This is because the remote is designed to control your TV, not your computer. Similarly, the WeMod mobile app is designed to control the WeMod desktop software, not your computer.

You can post suggestions in the suggestions section of the forum: :slight_smile:

Thanks for the clarification @Ravenfyre.

So you’re suggesting that the ideal use case for WeMod is that the user would use WeMod as their launcher?

How would one do this if one also wanted to use Steam overlay? It is required when using the Steam Controller so launching the game from WeMod would not boot the required Steam applications.

My current process is to:

  1. launch the game from Steam
  2. let the game load
  3. alt+tab over to WeMod
  4. find the game and hit play
  5. alt+tab back to the game hoping that steam or x-box controller support didn’t disable
    a. if disabled close all applications and start over
    b. repeat process until it works
  6. enable cheats via the mobile application.

Is this considered an invalid user use case?

You can launch the steam overlay while in-game, regardless of whether you launched the game through WeMod or not. Trainers do not touch or alter either Steam nor the game files itself. Just your PC’s RAM.

  1. Open your Steam launcher.
  2. Go to the Settings/Preferences menu and choose the In-Game tab.
  3. Make sure the Enable Steam Overlay While In-Game option has a checkmark in the box next to it.
  4. Launch the game.
  5. Press Shift+Tab to open the Steam overlay.